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Q: In the book Twilight when is the safest time for vampires?
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Why is Twilight Movie titled 'Twilight'?

Because the movie Twilight is based of the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and In the books twilight is seen as the safest time of day for vampires.

In the twilight series book what does the word twilight mean?

Twilight is Edward's favorite time of day. Just after the sun goes down. Because it's "the safest time of day for us (vampires)".

Why is Twilight so important to vampires in Twilight?

Because that is the safest time of the day for them. The reason I don't know.

Why is the name of the book Twilight called Twilight?

Twilight is called Twilight because in the book Edward mentions to Bella that Twilight is the safest time of day for vampires. The above is partially right. It is the prefered time for Vampires to be publically out in the open, as the moon is present in the sky instead of the sun and it is still daylight. Therefore they do not need any specific requirements for to be in the public eye.

What is the mening of Twilight?

The meaning of Twilight is The setting of the sun. The end of the day. this is when the sky seems to go an orange colour as the sun is at the end of descending. If your referring to the book / film, it explains at the end of the book, how 'Twilight' is the safest time for the vampires.

Why is the movie twilight called twilight?

Because of the books name, why the book name?Well in the last chapter Edward says too Bella Twilight is the safest time for the vampires. Or maybe it was just randomly chosen and then the put that bit in the book... Its one of them two...

What does twilight time in twilight mean?

In Twilight, twilight is the time when the vampires go out in the dark. This is also the title of the book for that reason.

Why did Stephenie Meyer entitled the book as twilight?

If you have read the book Twilight and payed attention, you should have read that Edward told Bella that the safest time was during Twilight. Twilight is the safest time for them to be together, right when the sun is setting.

Why is twilight?

if u are refering to why the title is Twilight, it is because at one point in the book, Edward and Bella are watching the twilight and Edward is saying how it is the happiest and saddest part of the day, how it is the safest time for vampires, but it is the ending of a day no matter how badly you want it not to when it is perfect. a theme throughout the book.

Why is twilight the safest time for vampires?

Because most vampires either lose part of their powers or they die.. some it's just to protect the secret of their existence

How is the title of twilight related to the book?

On pages 232 and 233 of "Twilight" Edward Cullen explains that "twilight is the safest time of day for us, the easiest time."

Twilight-what time is it?

Twilight is basicly the end of the day like sunset that's why they named the book twilight, twilight because that's when the "vampires come out."