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In the context of a formal meeting, an 'apology' refers to prior request to be absent from a meeting. It simply means, that the members are aware of your absence.

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Q: In the context of a formal meeting what is an 'apology'?
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What is meaning of an apology for a meeting?

The meaning of an apology in a meeting is showing signs of remorse. A person may apologize for giving incorrect information in a prior meeting or misleading those in attendance.

A formal written or oral defense of a belief?

Apology :)

What is a formal meeting?

A semi-formal meeting the public is typically invited to attend and listen to the speakers. Semi-formal meetings use some of the procedures of a formal meeting.

Why did gerhard schroeder give a public apology to the Jews?

Did he in fact give a public apology to the Jews? (It would be useful to have the context).

What is the noun of apology?

The word 'apology' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an expression of regret; a word for a poor substitute. example: He sent an apology for missing the meeting.

Definition for semi-formal meeting?

Formal meetings are preplanned with a specific set of topics to be discussed and certain objectives as well as a specific agenda. Informal meetings are not as planned out as formal meetings and are often last minute meetings.

What do you have to say to end a closure of a meeting?

In a formal meeting, you say, "The meeting is adjourned."

In which context are we most likely to issue an apology?

If you accidentally trip someone over.

What is the correct way do an apology or offer an apology?

The word apology is a noun, a word for a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure; a formal expression of one's regret at being unable to attend a meeting or social function; a very poor or inadequate example of; a reasoned argument or writing in justification of something; a word for a thing.A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Example sentences:An apology will help make her feel better. (subject of the sentence)They sent an apology for being unable to attend. (direct object)

What is you love her in Spanish?

"tú la amas" (less formal context) "usted la ama" (more formal context)

What are the kinds of meeting?

Formal and Informal.

Do you have the right to know what you have been accused of before a formal meeting to discuss the possible outcomes?

It depends on what you mean when you are referring to as a formal meeting.