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Q: In the giver which ritual takes place after dinner?
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What is the time and place in The Giver?

it takes place in the future

When does the Giver trilogy take place?

It takes place in the future.

Where does the induction dinner take place?

it takes place in the night

When is The Giver taken place?

The setting is a dystopian society at an unspecified time in the future. Neither the book or movie The Giver tell you exactly when it takes place.

Were does gathering blue take place?

The same place "The Giver" takes place: A"utopian" society read the trilogy

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What is the expostion in the story The Giver?

takes place in a community thst is based on sameness and ignorance.

What is the genre for The Giver?

I guess I would call it a science fiction novel due to the fact it takes place in the future.

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The inaugural dinner. After he is sworn in the inauguration.

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All Muslims

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