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There are no differences because it is a utopian society and its supposed to be perfect. In order for it to be perfect everyone has to be alike.

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Q: In the giver why do they want everyone the same?
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In the book The Giver why did the community not have mirrors?

the elders want everyone to be the same.

In which country does everyone share the same birthday?

The Giver

Why do people dress the same in The Giver?

I belive everyone wears a tunic.

In the book the giver why do you think there was sameness?

Sameness is the Giver's world means that everyone is the same, no one is different. Everything looks this nondesciptive color, gray and everyone feels the same and everyone dresses the same

What is genetic engineering in The Giver?

they basically made it to where almost everyone has the same genes...

In the giver why did they give up the ablity to see color?

They wanted everyone to be the same so they came up with an idea of sameness and if everyone was the same there couldn't be any colors

Is there any advantage in personal freedom from The Giver?

Yes, it is Sameness which means that everyone is all the same; Everything is all the same.

In chapter 15 of The Giver what was wrong with The Giver?

Everyone, except The Giver, and later Jonas, were colorblind.

What is the external conflict in the book The Giver?

The sameness of the community and the chooses that they made. Like how they didn't want everyone to have memories like the Giver did or how the wanted everyone color blind so that there would be difference in between everyone. Almost everyone looked alike because the birthmothers had to resemble one another.

What does attitude toward mirrors tell you about the society on general?

In "The Giver" the attitude toward mirrors is a reflection of everyone being the same.

What is the about Jonas' world in The Giver?

Everyone's future is decided by the society

How is The Giver a utopia?

There's no violence, no animals, no pollution, everyone is equal, no homeless people, and everyone has a job. =)