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Q: In the library where would you find a Spanish dictionary?
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In the library where would you look to find a spanish dictionary?

You should look in the reference section or the language section of the library to find a Spanish dictionary. It can also be found in the foreign language or linguistics section of the library catalog.

Where can you find a english-spanish dictionary?

library, online, book stores, staples...

Where might one find a Spanish to Spanish dictionary?

One may find a Spanish dictionary at Coles Bookstores. A Spanish to Spanish dictionary does not exist because it would be considered just a dictionary in the Spanish language.

In which section of the library would you find the Dictionary of American Biography?

You would likely find the Dictionary of American Biography in the reference section of the library.

Where can you find a large print English-spanish dictionary?

Go to the nearest library and ask for help with that there!

Where would you find a dictionary in a library?

Dictionaries are found within the reference section of a library.

What can you find a dictionary?

You can find a dictionary in a public library, in a bookshop, or online.

If you want to translate 'contigo aprendi' what dictionary would you need?

You would need a Spanish to English dictionary. You can pick these up at any book store, or perhaps even a store that sales all kinds of things. If you can't find a book store around you go to the library.

Where would you find a lexicon?

It is of Greek origin, a word for a Dictionary. So, look in a bookshop or a library

Where can you find English words and define them in spanish?

You can find them in a Spanish dictionary.

Where can someone find a Spanish dictionary online?

There are several websites which have a free Spanish dictionary. Including but not limited to "My-Spanish-Dictionary", "SpanishDict" and "Merriam-Webster".

What is the English translation of cancion de navidad?

The English translation of "cancion de navidad" is "Christmas song". "Cancion de navidad" is Spanish, the best place to find English translations for Spanish phrases would be a Spanish to English dictionary, often available at your local library or book store.