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Their dead son.

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Q: In the monkey's paw what is outside the door after the second wish?
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In The Monkeys Paw what is outside the door after the second wish?

Their dead son.

The Monkeys Paw what was the 3 wishes?

The first wish was for 200 pounds to pay off some debt. The second wish was to revive their dead son from the consequences of the first wish. The third wish (when they heard the knocking on the door) was for their son not to be behind the door.

The monkeys paw - What is Mr. Whites second wish?

the second wish in the monkey's paw by Mr. White is "I wish my son alive again"

Which conflicts are internal conflicts The Monkeys Paw by WW Jacobs?

An internal conflict is when Mr. White has to decide whether to cancel his second wish. He hears the banging on the door and knows that Herbert likely didn't come back the same -- so he ultimately reverses his wish and whoever is banging on the door disappears.

What is the first wish in the monkeys paw?

Um my 8th grade class just now got finished reading The Monkeys Paw and the first wish isThe first wish is for 200 pounds.The second wish is for Herbert to be alive again.And I cant remember the third wish sorry.

How do you get outside?

... open a the door and walk .. or run if you really wish

What is the introduction to monkeys paw and third wish in an essay?

in the third wish and monkeys paw they both regret wishes they asked for.

Which detail from the monkeys paw is most clearly an example of foreshadowing?

The fakirs prediction that anyone who interferes with fate will be sorry

What was the first wish in the Monkeys Paw by WW Jacobs?

The first wish was for 200 pounds.

Can you hold sea monkeys?

If you wish to kill them

What is ironic about the first wish in monkeys paw?

The irony is that the son suggests to wish for 200 pounds but he is killed as a result of the wish.

Monkeys paw line plot?

rising action: showing the monkeys paw wishing for 200 poundsson dyingclimax: when they wish for the son and he comes alive all zombified and dead-formedresolution: when they open the door and see nothing

How would you describe the monkeys paw?

The monkeys paw is a talisman and it 3 people 3 wishes and the 3nd wish is always for death.

What are some differences about the third wish and the monkey's paw?

they have different themes monkeys paw: be careful of what you wish for the third wish: be happy of what you have

What three wishes do the winged monkeys grant to Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

Transportation to the Emerald City, to Kansas and then toQuadling Country are the three requests made by Dorothy to the Winged Monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz."Specifically, this incident takes place in the original 1900 book edition, but not the beloved 1939 film version, of "The Wizard of Oz." Three requests may be made of the Winged Monkeys by the wearer of the Golden Cap. Dorothy Gale's first wish is for transportation of her and her friends from the Castle of the Wicked Witch of the West to the Emerald City. Her second wish is for transportation of her and her pet dog Toto back to Kansas. Her third wish is for transportation of her and her four friends away from the hill of the Hammer-Heads and into the Quadling Country of Glinda the Good. The monkeys fulfill all but the second wish, which is impossible since they are not allowed to cross the great desert that separates Oz from the world.

What is the theme of The Monkeys Paw?

The theme of "The Monkey's Paw" is to be careful for what you wish for. Another theme is not to mess with nature.Appreciate what you have.Appreciate what you have when you have it.

Why does mr white make a second wish?

He makes a second wish because his wife was sobbing asking for their son back.

Can a vampire come to you if you wish for him outside tonight?


What is likely Mr. Whites FINAL WISH?

to reverse his second wish

Why does mr white make a 3rd wish?

because second wish cannot true

In the monkeys paw what happens to Herbert white?

He dies, due to the wish for 200 pounds, that Mr.White made.

How does the 200 pounds come true in the monkey's paw?

how did the first wish come true in the monkeys paw

What happens to herbert white in the monkeys paw?

He dies, due to the wish for 200 pounds, that Mr.White made.

How does Mr white word his first wish- monkeys paw?

Mr white wishes for his son to be back with them.

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