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I believe the apartment used for the movie, "While You Were Sleeping" was located on Logan Boulevard in Logan Square. I lived on the Boulevard when the movie was being filmed and seem to remember walking down there to see if I could see any movie stars. I'm pretty sure the apartment building is located near Logan Sq. Blvd and Sacramento.

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Where is the penthouse located in an apartment building?

Penthouse apartments are located on the very top floor of buildings. Penthouse apartments are usually the apartment in a building with the highest rent.

Where is the fuse box generally located in a New York apartment?

The fuse box of a New York apartment can be located in quite a number of various locations around the apartment. Generally, fuse boxes are located in the basement of the building or a supply or storage room or possibly a maintenance room.

How do you define a skyscraper?

A skyscraper is a very tall building located in a city and is usually an office or apartment complex.

What is the address from bridesmaids kinnickinnic?

The building used for external shots of the apartment in Bridesmaids is located in Milwaukee on Kinnickinnic at Homer.

What is a simplex apartment?

øthe simplex is an apartment that has all its room on one level. øthe simplex apartment is the most common types of apartment because it is the simplest and most economical to build. øthese types of flats are usually grouped continuously in one building. øboth the living and sleeping activity occur on the same level circulation is simplified. øthe close proximity of two activites, however may disturbing if they are not properley zoned. øit may be located either in a high rise apartment building or in a garden apartment development. øa major criticism of simplex has been the excessive amount of floor area required in corridors or stairs in order to gain access to the apartment.

What is the most exclusive apartment building in New York City?

(2009) The most expensive apartments in NYC face the famous Central Park. There is one apartment selling for 27 million dollars. It is in a building located on a street named Central Park South. John Lennon lived in a building on Central Park South.

Where can one find the Bob Bullock Museum?

The Bob Bullock Museum can be found in Texas. The town that the Bob Bullock Museum is located in would be Austin. The full name is the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.

Buy a Security Entry System With Video Capabilites for Your Apartment Complex?

If you own an apartment building that is located in a metropolitan vicinity, your tenants need to know they have excellent security in the building. Security entry systems that have intercom, video and access control features provide your tenants with measures of safety that are compatible with up-to-date security systems. If there is a burglary in the apartment building you own, the video function can help law officers to catch the burglar. On the other hand, if the apartment building does not have any video capabilities, the suspect is less likely to serve time for the crime that is committed.

What is the difference between and apartment and a condominium?

Condominium is a form of real estate ownership. Apartment is a description of a living space that is occupied on a rental basis and is generally located within a building that is occupied by more than one household.

Words that begin with y in east Africa?

Yala Towers is an apartment building located on Biashara Street in Nairobi, Kenya. Yumbe is a town in Uganda.

Where is sleeping Giant located?

The Sleeping Giant is located east of Thunder Bay, Ontario, which is on Lake Superior. There is also a Sleeping Giant in Connecticut.

What is the location of the Ross Geller's apartment?

On the show, Ross' apartment is located in New York City, across from Monica and Rachel's/Monica and Chandler's apartment. In real life, the apartment is located in the Warner Bros Studios in California.

What is the difference dormitory from apartment and boarding house?

A dormitory is a large building, with many rooms, is located on campus or very close by, and is owned by the school. An apartment or boarding house is much smaller, has fewer people, and can be owned by someone not associated with the school.

Where is Narutos house located on Naruto rise of a ninja?

Naruto's house is located in the centre of Konoha, on the map it appears as a red building close to Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto lives in a rooftop apartment; his door is marked with a spiral.

What is the name of the apartment complex in three's company?

The apartments never really had a name. They were usually referred to as 'the building' most of the time. The apartments were located in Santa Monica, California, however.

Where is the building of judaism located?

the building of judaism is located iin egypt

Where is granpa will and grandma belle's apartment?

devil's arithmetic; where's grandpa will and grandma belle's apartment located

The building in which Congress is located?

The United States Capitol Building is the building in which congress is located. This building sits atop Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Where is Great World City found?

The Great World City is a 6 story shopping mall featuring over 100 stores , apartment building and offices located in Singapore on the Singapore River.

Why was Linton unwilling to share the information about where the key and the apartment were located?

Linton was unwilling to share the information about where the key and the apartment where located because he knew Nelly would try to rescue Cathy.

What is the history of the Dakota Building?

The Dakota is a co-op apartment building located in Manhattan, New York. It was constructed in the years 1880-1884 and was designed by the Henry Janeway Hardenbergh architectural firm. In 1969 it was designated a New York City Landmark and a National Landmark in 1976.

What are the prices of apartments?

The prices of apartments can and do vary greatly depending on the area where the apartment is located. The size of the apartment also impacts the cost.

The world's tallest building is located in?

The world's tallest building is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Where is the tallest building in the world located?

The world's tallest building is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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