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"Anton Chigurh" in the modern classic film "No Country for Old Men" has no profession, or at least not an ideal one like a doctor, lawyer, businessman, etc. His character embodies death and he is the human equivalent of death itself. The existence of Chigurh revolves solely around murder. He is the most complex and chilling character in the film and has sparked many debates and discussions in the fanbase, including his past. He usually flips a coin and asks his victim to call the side, and if they get it right, they live, and if they get it wrong... Well, take an educated guess.

I believe that he embodies death itself in a human form, and giving his victims a chance to live through a coin flip is a depiction of how the most minute and small things like a coin flip can lead to horrible fates. So, in conclusion, Anton Chigurh has no ideal profession like a doctor, lawyer, businessman etc. but instead, he embodies death and what leads to it.

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A sociopathic assassin

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Q: In the movie No Country for Old Men what is Anton Chigurh's profession?
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