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No Almost never. In a couple of states, there are some minor loopholes that revolve around cases where there is an open arreage or a recent reduction of support because of a new lower paying job, but in the US at least, a second spouses income does not generally affect your support amount.

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If the non-custodial parent remarries can their new spouse's income be included for child support?

The income of your ex-spouse's partner is irrelevant to child support; only your ex-spouses income counts.

Non custodial parent remarries can their new spouse's income be included for child support in nyc?

No, a spouses income is never taken into consideration when child support is being figured. Only the income of the 2 biological parents will be used.

In Florida is a spouse's income included in child support?

No, only the income of the biological parents are used to figure how much child support will be paid. Medical support does not use a spouses income either.

Are spouses included in a greeting line at a funeral?

Certainly should be ... they are family, too.

Is Florida a dower state?

Yes, Florida is a dower state. A wife is entitled to 1/3 of the estate, after their spouses death.

If you are a Florida resident do you have to file for divorce in Florida?

The residency requirement for Florida is that one or the other of the spouses must have lived in Florida for six months immediately prior to filing for divorce.

Are there veterans benefits for spouses of veterans if spouse remarries?

Not that I can find or know of. Veteran's benefits are only granted to veterans except in rare circumstances. However, if you spouse dies on active duty your benefits are different. Essentially spouses are entitled to nothing because the school of thought are that they didn't make any sacrifices or serve this country (even if thats not true)

Is the income of a spouse included when determining the amount the biological parent pays for child support?

nope, only takes the mother and fathers income into account. Spouses of the parents are not included

How does a 14 year old legally change her mom?

You cannot change who is your mother. If your father remarries then his new wife is automatically your step mother, when you marry your spouses mother becomes your mother-in-law. You can change who is your next of kin when you reach majority.

Is a new spouse responsible for ex spouses child support in Florida?

No. The child's parent is responsible for paying child support.

What is the effect of conversation on a marriage?

Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.

How long would you have to live in Florida for a divorce?

You have to live in Florida for 6 months to have qualified residency for divorce. Only one of the spouses HAS to live in Florida. You would file in the county that the spouse resides in, or if both live in different counties in Florida, you could use either county. (Florida Statutes - Chapters: 61.021)

What happens when you get a divorce from spose with health insurance can you remain on spose's policy?

Generally no. Depedents have a specific definition of who can be covered. Ex spouses are not normally included.

Is there alimony for unmarried co-inhabitant couples in Florida?

Alimony is for spouses so if you weren't married (and Florida does not recognize common law marriage) then you're not a spouse and therefore do not qualify for alimony. You could *possibly* sue for palimony (it's like alimony, but with unmarried couples who cohabited instead of spouses), but it's rarely awarded in any state.

What is the duration of Trading Spouses?

The duration of Trading Spouses is 2640.0 seconds.

In a divorce situation in Florida should both the husband and wife be grantors on a quit-claim deed when conveying the property to one of the spouses as grantee?

Only the spouse who will not be getting the property needs to be a grantor on the deed. In essence, one of the spouses is surrendering their share of the property over to the other.

What happened to the spouses on the Brady Bunch?

The spouses of Carol and Mike passed away.

When did Trading Spouses end?

Trading Spouses ended on 2007-05-03.

When was Trading Spouses created?

Trading Spouses was created on 2004-07-01.

How do you use spouses in a sentence?

The staff were to have a Christmas party and all spouses were welcome.

If a car is titled to husband and wife in Florida can a credit card company take it for a judgment if the card is in only one name?

No. Florida has the reputation of being a "debtor friendly state". In this case debts incurred before marriage cannot be applied to both spouses.

Does Florida recognize marrital property even if spouses name is not on title in Florida?

I am going through a divorice and my husband bought a house in Texas during the marrage, but my name is not on the title. he put it in his living trust . we are full time resadent in Florida. am i intitaled to any part of the house. we have been married only 17 months.

What does it mean when you have 2 Spouses?

It's called "bigamy" (bi meaning 2 - as in 2 spouses).

Is the surviving spouse responsible for a deceased spouses medical bills in the state of Florida?

The wife is not directly responsible unless she is on the contract. Florida courts could rule that the spouse benefited from the debts and could be held responsible. The estate has to pay the debts before she can inherit anything.

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