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He has an advantage because he ask some of the other heirs to give their clues.

p.s. he gives his clue to the doctor

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Sydelle Pulaski believes that Chris's inability to hear makes him more observant and attentive to visual details. She thinks this gives him an advantage in solving the mystery because he can pick up on visual cues that others may overlook.

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but did i ask

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Q: In the westing game according to Sydelle Pulaski why is Chris's disability an advantage?
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What language did sydelle Pulaski speak?

Sydelle Pulaski spoke English.

What is Sydelle Pulaski's eye color?

Sydelle Pulaski's eye color is green. Sydelle is a character in a novel called 'The Westing Game'.

How old is Sydelle Pulaski in the westing games?

Sydelle Pulaski in "The Westing Game" is 50 years old

What is sydelle pulaski up to in the westing game?

Sydelle Pulaski is not post to be there.But Otis amber mix her up with Subli Pulaski

How old is Sydelle Pulaski?

she looks big hipped because of being secretary.

Who is the tenant?

Sydelle Pulaski

Who is the "Mistake"?

Sydelle Pulaski

Which tenant was the mistake in The westing game?

The mistake in "The Westing Game" was found in the name of one of the heirs. Judge J.J. Ford realized that one of the tenants, Sydelle Pulaski, was actually the mistake since she wasn't originally paired with an heir but was added into the game by Samuel W. Westing as a red herring.

What is a quote from Sydelle Pulaski?

A quote from Sydelle Pulaski is "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

How does Sydelle Pulaski feel?

Sydelle Pulaski is known for her eccentric and dramatic personality. She is often described as passionate, outspoken, and highly emotional.

Who is the mistake tenant?

Sydelle Pulaski

Who was supposed to move into sunset towers instead of sydelle pulaski?

Barney Northrup made the mistake of renting one of the apartments in Sunset Towers to a woman named Sydelle Pulaski, instead of Sybil Pulaski. Sybil Pulaski is only mentioned in the book, she never shows up, though. Sydelle Pulaski has no westing connection.