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Q: In the westing game who was the delivery boy?
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Who is the delivery boy in the book the westing game?

Otis amber

How does the Westing Game start?

The Westing Game starts with a delivery boy delivering letters to tenants who are supposed to move into Sunset Towers.

Who was injured in the fourth bomb of the westing game?

a boy

Why does judge ford dislike Otis amber westing game?

Judge Ford. (J.J Ford, Josie-Jo Ford) hired Otis Amber, a private investigator, who was disguised as a 62-year old delivery boy, who visited Sunset Towers, and later married Berthe Erica Crow(Sam Westing's former wife), so he could investigate, or spy on, all 16 heirs. He investigated all of them, but not Sandy McSouthers, or the Judge. Otis Amber was also hired by Barney Northrup and Samuel Westing.

What crime was in the Westing Game?

There was no crime in The Westing Game.

What is the game that the westing heirs play?

The Westing Game

In the book The Westing Game How many people played the westing game?

16 people compete in the westing game

What was the crime in The Westing Game?

There was no crime in The Westing Game.

What is a description about Otis Amber in The Westing Game by Ellen Raskins?

OTIS JOSEPH AMBER. Age: 62. delivery boy. Fourth-grade dropout. IQ: 50. Lives in the basement of Green's Grocery. A bachelor. No living relatives. Westing connection: Delivered letters from E. J Plum, Attorney, both times.

When was The Westing Game created?

The Westing Game was created in 1978.

Who is miss westing in the westing game?

Mrs. Westing was Berthe Erica Crow in the Westing Game. She got divorced to Sam Westing because he thought she killed Violet Westing.

What does the title of the book the westing game mean?

Westing is Sam Westing's last name, and the whole book is based on his game in the will, which is also titled the "westing game".