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At Antioch, the followers of Christ were first called Christians.

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Q: In what city were the followers of Jesus first called Christian?
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What were the followers of Jesus Christ called?

The first followers of Jesus Christ were called followers of 'The Way'. The term 'Christian' followed only some time later as the early church became established across the Roman Empire.

What Christian's believe in?

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ and first and foremost they believe in Jesus, and who He is, God Son.

What was the name of Jesus' group?

We are not told what the followers of Jesus were first called, but not long after His resurrection we come across the name, "The Way". Possibly because Jesus was the "way" to God the Father in Heaven. Then later at the church in Antioch followers of Jesus were called Christian and have been known by that name ever since.

Was the apostle Paul the first Christian?

No. Acts 11:26 states that the disciples in Antioch were first called Christians. One could argue that Jesus' original disciples were the first Christians but they were not called such. Paul was one of those in Antioch first called Christian ... probably by their opponents. The term "Christian" is an anachronism that none of the early followers of Jesus would have used.

Who were Jesus' first followers?

Simon and Andrew; the two fishermen Jesus called out to as he walked by.

Who were the first followers of Jesus?

Andrew, Peter (also called Simon), Philip and Nathanael (also called Bartholomew). Sincerely E

What does Antioch have to do with Christianity?

It was at Antioch that Jesus' followers were first called Christians.

How did Jesus become a Christian?

First answer:Jesus is not Christian. He is a Jew.------Second answer:Jesus did not become a Christian. Jesus was a Jew. Jesus Christ is the person whom the Christian faith is based on. Christians are followers of Christ. Anyone who follows Christ and has accepted Him as their savior is a Christian. I------

Where did the Christian religion originate?

Jesus came to establish His Father's Church which is called the 'Church of God' about a dozen times in Scripture. In the book of acts, followers of Jesus were first referred to as 'the Way' and soon became 'Christian' or followers of Christ. Most would point to the first Pentecost in Jerusalem, 50 days after the Resurrection of Christ, as an April Sunday in 31 AD.

Was jesus brought up as a christian?

Jesus was a Jew and is the Messiah of the Jews, but they rejected him as the such, the Jews that did believe were first called followers of "The Way" and later they were called Christians.All those that now believe that Jesus Christ is Lord are now called Christians.User:Albert_Costanzois correct....probably got the answer straight out of the BIBLE. but yes that is right, Jesus was a Jew and brought up and was and already was a christian even before he was born.

Were did the name Christ or Christian come from?

"Christian" was first used in the city of Antioch. It was actually a term used negatively towards the followers of Jesus Christ.

Did Jesus ever used the word christians?

no. the followers of him used the word christian.

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