In what episode of Zoey 101 was Craig Robert Young in?

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He was on the very 1st episode of Zoey 101 (the Pilot)
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Where can you see free 'zoey 101' episodes?

The site that I always go to is '' its really good and I recommend it. Just click on Zoey 101 and it will show you the list of all the episodes and they are all full length. Plus they are all listed in order of season and when they were let out. You can also check out ( Full Answer )

Was goodbye zoey the last episode of zoey 101?

NO WAY!!!!!!! Goodbye Zoey is the final episode/movie in season 3, but there will be more Zoey 101 in season 4.. Answer . Actually, there is new episodes playing right now. After Goodbye Zoey there have been Clip Show, Trading Places, Fake Roommate, Alone at PCA, Rumor of Love, Anger Management, a ( Full Answer )

What is Zoey 101?

Zoey 101 is a T.V show Zoey is played by Jamie Lynn Spears, ya no, the one that went and got herself pregnant with that ugly kid, no the one she dated, her baby is actually kinda cute! zoey 101 is aired on televison on Nickeloden, or if you have on demand you can find it there. You may also be able ( Full Answer )

What happened to chase in zoey 101?

When Zoey went to England, Chase transferred to England but Zoeyended up going back to PCA with Chase still thinking that Zoey wasthere!

Is Zoey kicked of Zoey 101?

She is almost kicked out but Logan and the boys helped her not get kicked out.

Is zoey 101 on drugs?

No shes not shes a great girl why would she do that she is a great acter and she has lots of shows

Why did zoey leave in zoey 101?

The cast felt they were getting old, and ended filming August 2007. To make it clear, it was not because of Spear's pregnancy.

Is there going to be anymore Zoey 101 new episodes?

yes there is going to be more zoey 101's! You may be surprised (as many people were that the teen actress will continue her series in zoey 101 as zoey) but she is going to continue her series! What a brave girl! She's going through a hard time and needs to be supported along the way. The baby has be ( Full Answer )

Do chase and zoey get together in zoey 101?

They do in the movie Chasing Zoey after Zoey breaks up with James. She decides not to go to the PCA prom because she doesn't have anyone to go with. Chase calls her and she surprises her because Zoey thinks he is in England but he is actually right behind her. Then Chase falls and Zoey goes to see i ( Full Answer )

What to Nicole in zoey 101?

Alexa Nikolas and Jamie Lynn Spears were in constant off-screen fights. This all culminated to Brittney Spears marching onto set and screaming at Alexa Nikolas. Nikolas quit after filming Spring Break-Up.

How can you watch unaired episodes of the fifth season of zoey 101?

there is no 5th season, only 1,2,3, and 4\n. \nI'm not sure if it's considered the 5th season, however there are many episodes that were filmed and never aired. They had no idea where to go with the story. Then the whole thing with Jamie being pregnant started. Which the press didn't know she was u ( Full Answer )

Where was zoey 101 filmed?

The entire series was shot at Pepperdine University, which had colorful "PCA" banners put up around campus. If you look at a few pictures posted on Wikipedia, you'll recognize the Dean's office and a couple of sites from establishing shots.

Is zoey 101 done for ever or not?

For those who are wondering there is a season five of Zoey 101 being scheaduled. It might be changed but for now there is one.

Is zoey 101 still on tv?

Zoey 101 is not on the regular Nickelodeon Channel anymore, but they play reruns of it on the TeenNick Channel everyday.

Didn't Jamie Lynn Spears make a 5th season of zoey 101 while she was pregnant Or was chasing zoey the last episode ever?

the last episiod was call pca confidental. zoey chase and Stacey take a walk down memory lane. and no there is no season 5. the series isofficialy over. ................................................................................................................................................ y ( Full Answer )

What has zoey done after zoey 101?

She has not done anything big like any other shows she has been taking care of her baby for most of the time

Who is zoey is boyfriend in zoey 101?

When Zoe 101 first aired, it was Chase Mathews, a young boy with abrown bushy hairstyle. During the end of Zoe 101, it changed as Zoemoved to England and came back but Chase left to England to be withZoe. Right before Zoe 101 had it's finale, "Chasing Zoe", Jamesgave Zoe a necklace that said , "I lo ( Full Answer )

Do zoey off of zoey 101 have a child?

She had a baby with her boyfriend at the time. that is why the show stopped, because they didn't want to have to explain the pregnancy. Quoted From Dan Schneider (Creator of Zoey 101) has stated below: Did Zoey 101 end because Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant? " No. Some people think that, but ( Full Answer )

Is Stacey from zoey 101 dead?

honestly I dont know beacause she isnt an actress anymore on anyhit TV show or movie so no one knows about her life

Did Zoey on Zoey 101 get pregnant?

The actress that played Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) announced she was pregnant by then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge on December 20th, 2007. She had her daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge on June 19, 2008.

In zoey 101 do zoey and Logan kiss?

No they don't. Although, they were going to in one episode but Jamie-Lynn (Zoey) decided against it and they cut the kiss out in the scene.

What happened to the show zoey 101?

Jamie Lynn Spears (who plays Zoey) got pregnant so they had to stop the show before anyone could tell she was pregnant. The creater of the show who is Dan Scheider answered questions fans has asked. He answered this question. This was the question: Did Zoey 101 end because Jamie Lynn Spears ( Full Answer )

Who was kicked off of Zoey 101?

Kristin Herrera (Dana Cruz) lasted one of the show's four seasons, and Alexa Nikolas (Nicole Bristow) lasted two.

Does zoey 101 really have a baby?

Jamie Lynn Spears, who played Zoe y Brooks on the television showZoe 101 gave birth to a daughter named Maddie Brian Drawbridge, onJune 19, 2008.

What was zoey 101 last episode and why?

Chasing Zoey and PCA confidential were the last episodes. They were the last episodes because Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant and they had to cancel Zoey 101.

What is your favorite Zoey 101 episode?

It is hard to pick just one because of how great the show is, but if I had to choose it would have to be the hour long special in season 2 "Spring Break-Up" It's a great episode :D

What episode of zoey 101 does Quinn kiss Logan?

I know the info about theepisode Mark broke up with Quinn, and she was very upset, also Micheal Barrett finds a horse on campus that foloows him everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE, it even showed up and Micheal was in the shower, but anyway what happened with Quinn and Logan was Logan was taliking to ( Full Answer )

Will zoey 101 make any episodes in 2013?

As of 2013, the show will not be coming back. If you really missthe show, look at other shows with the characters. For example BigTime Rush has Camille and the Nick channel has Victoria.