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Phosphorus commonly exists as salts in the form of phosphates. These salts contain phosphorus combined with oxygen and often other elements such as calcium, potassium, or sodium. Phosphates are important components of fertilizers, detergents, and other industrial products.

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Examples are phosphates and phosphides.

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Q: In what form does phosphorus exist as salts?
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What form of phosphorus does fertilizer usually contain?

Phosphate salts

In what form does phosphorus not exist in the environment?

In the form of a liquid.

Is an atom of phosphorus stable?

No. Phosphorus is reactive with oxygen, so it does not exist in elemental form in nature.

What kind of nutrient are ironcalcium and phosphorus?

Iron is a mineral, calcium and phosphorus are generally considered salts (though salts are also minerals).

What would be the impact on the world if phosphorus did not exist?

if phosphorus didnt exist we woulnt have fireworks:p

Is Ca2 plus likely to form?

The cation Ca(2+) exist in many compounds, for example in salts.

What are phosphorus mineral salts for?

Phosphates are largely used as fertilizers in agriculture.

What do plants use phosphate salts for?

Phosphorus is indispensable for the growth of plants.

What are the plants need minerals salts?

Plants need salts containing potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and some other minor elements.

What are phosphorus mineral salts used for?

The most important application is as fertilizers in agriculture.

Do phosphate salts contain carbon?

No. They contain phosphorus, oxygen, and usually a metal.

What are Syria's resources?

Well, It produces Phosphates-- Mineral salts that contain the element phosphorus.