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There is lots of different ways but a good way is to stand sideways and holding the ball about to your belly button and putting your hitting arm up. Your opposite food is in front of the other.

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What position does the server play?

Every position must serve, there is no one specific server.

What position is the person that makes the serve in volleyball?

The Server

What position does a volleyball player serve?

The server is in position 1, or right back, if you are on the court looking at the net.

Can an employer force a server to sing a birthday song to their tables?

If it is part of your job as a server, you must fulfill the duties of your position. If you do not wish to work as a server and serve parties celebrating their birthdays, you are free to seek other employment.

Who is the first server in volleyball?

if your team is first to serve, the player at rotation position #1 serves first. If your team receives first, the player at rotation position #2 serves first, after she rotates to position #1.

What is the word for 'server' as in 'to serve something' when translated from English to Indonesian?

Server as in to serve something is penyaji. If it is serving then it'll be menyajikan.

How many serves does the server receive if they fault the first serve in badminton?

Well the server gets only one serve, if he or she misses then it is the opposing team's serve.

What position is always the server in volleyball?

The server is always the player who is in the right-back position on the court.

How long does the volleyball server get to serve?

The server has only 8 seconds to serve. If the server has not served within 8 seconds the referee will award the point to the opposing team for delay.

What nds server?

NDS server is used to serve the CDT server, which is used for call detailed trace.

How many serves do you get before you have to switch the server in vollyball?

Generally speaking, in the game of volleyball, the server is permitted to serve if their team receives the point. If the server does not serve the ball inside the court or over the net, the opposing team receives the point and serve. If the server's team keeps winning points, the same server will continue to serve the ball.

Does server serve from left clear from right?

Serve from the left, clear from the right.

Types of serve in volley ball?

float serve , topspin , and jump server

Where can the server serve from?

In volleyball when does the team rotate

Do libero positions serve in volleyball?

Yes, the libero can serve in volleyball. However, they can only serve for one position. Once the libero serves in a particular position in a game that is the only position where the libero is allowed to serve. However, the libero is not required to serve in that position for all subsequent rotations.

In tennis if someone faults then there is a let what happens?

For the beginning of every point, the server has two chances to get a serve in the correct service box. If on the first serve the ball is called a fault, then it is second serve. If on the second serve there is a let, then it is still the second serve, and the server may redo the serve.

What is a volleyball server?

a volleyball server is the player who will be serving the ball...A server in vollyball is someone who over hands serve or underhand they get to serve as many times as they want as long as the team they are on is winning. - hoped it helped :)

Who many seconds does a server have to serve in volleyball?

You only have 8 seconds to serve the vollleyball.

Does one serve coffee from right or left?

The server should serve the coffee from the right.

How many chances does the server have to serve into the proper tennis service court?

The server has two chances.

How do you restart the server remotely if server is in hang position?

you can take access of the server via RIB or ILO and restart the server. The server has different IP for ILO.

What does let mean in tennis?

A let occurs when a serve clips the top of the net and still lands in the appropriate box. The server is then awarded another attempt, so whatever serve the let occurred on (first or second), play is resumed from that position.

What is a rotation in volleyball?

The person in position 1 (back right corner) is always the server. After one team wins a point, that team gets to serve. Each time they win a point, they rotate clockwise so the next person can serve.

What must the receiver wait for during the serve in tennis?

the receiver waits for the server to serve the ball

What does get mean in tennis?

Do you mean "let"? If so, a let is when a serve touches/nicks the net AND lands in on a player's serve. People call "let" so the server knows their serve hit the net. If a server hits a let, they get to redo their serve.