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With parental permission it is possible to get married in any state. Most require that you be at least 16, even with permission. Without it you must be at least 18, and 19 in one state and 21 in another.

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Q: In what states can you legally get married under the age of 18?
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If your underage and married can you move out legally in the state of NJ?

If your under age of consent then you shouldn't be married anyway. If your under age of consent then you shouldn't be married anyway.

What age can you legally get married in Georgia?

The age of majority is 18. If you are at least 16 and have parental permission you can get married in most states.

In which states can you legally get married at age 16 to a 19-year-old guy?

In just about every state you can get married at 16 if you have parental consent. There is no state that will allow someone under the age of 18 to get married without parental consent/court approval/special circumstances.

At what age can a married woman born in the United States legally leave the family home and move back to Malaysia to live with her husband?

18 * A married person in the United States is considered legally emancipated regardless of their age. Additionally the U.S. recognizes all legal marriages regardless of where they take place. Therefore if the person was legally married in Malaysia they are legally married in the U.S. and may leave their parents' home and the U.S. if they choose to do so.

Are your parents legally responsible for you if you are married and under the age of 21?

No. Marriage is a permanent act of emancipation.

What age do you have to be to get legally married?


What do i need to get married if I'm under age?

Legally you cant ! As you said - you're 'under age' AND the person conducting the ceremony would need proof you're old enough.

What state can you get married at age 14?

None. To get married under age of sixteen, you must have a court order. And that's only in some states.

Can you get married if you are both under age?

Not legally so like a minister or priest or Someone will not marry you hand in hand LEGAllly

Can you get married under age sixteen?

There are a few states that will allow it, normally with a court order.

Can you get married at the age of 13?

Not in most places! If you are under the age of majority, it requires parental consent. Most states will not issue a marriage license to someone under the age of 16.

If you are married in Oklahoma at age 16 are you emancipated?

If you are legally married, you are considered an adult.

If you and your girlfriend are both 15 can you get married legally in Arkansas?

In AR, males under the age of 17 and females under the age of 16 cannot marry without a court order (even if they have parental consent).

When may you legally get married in Oman?

age 2

Can get married at age 17?

The answer to this question is yes. In most states, parental consent is needed to marry under the age of 18

What is the legal age to get merrid in Norway?

In Norway you can legally get married at age 18.

How old did girls get married in the Renaissance?

In the renaissance girls were legally allowed to get married at the age of 12 but if they decide earlier they can get married at the age of 7.

Can you get married in Illinois under the age of eighteen?

In most states you would have to have written parental consent.

How old do you have to be to get married to an illegal alien?

The age at which someone can marry an illegal alien is based on the law of the state. Anyone can legally marry if they of legal age. Most states put the age at about 18.

If your girfriend is 14 and you are 16 can you get married if she wants too and is pregnant?

No, chances are not good. Many states will not allow someone under the age of 16 to get married at all. In others it requires parental permission and a court order to get married under the age of 16.

Are parents legally responsible for under age pregnant daughter?

In most states, you are responsible for your child until she reaches the age of majority, however, you are NOT responsible for her child.

What is the legal marrying age?

The legal age to get married without parental permission is 18 in the majority of the world. If you are underage, you can legally be married with permission from both parents, but there are limitations, most states won't allow someone under 16 to get married, even with parental permission. Some parts of the world, like Bangladesh, women are forced to marry and have children with older men at around age 12.

How old do you have to be to legally smoke cigarettes in Las Vegas?

Eighteen is the legal age in all but three states. Two of the states are Alabama and Alaska in which nineteen is the legal age. If you can legally buy them, you can legally smoke them.

What age can women legally get married in new york?


Would a 18 year old need a parent permission inorder to get married?

If you are in the United States, no. If you are in another country, please check the age in which you are considered legally an adult. Whatever age that is, you do not need your parent's permission in order to get married.