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Iroquois Constitution & U.S. Constitution

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The element of the Iroquois Constitution that is least like the US Constitution, is that it gives political power to women. The US Constitution does not.

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Q: In what ways is the Iroquois constitution different to the US Constitution?
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What are two ways in which the us constitution and the state constitution are similar?

There various ways that the US Constitution and state constitutions are similar. The two main ways are the fact that they both define governments and allow for amendments.

What are the two ways Senators and Representatives are bound by the Constitution?

Members of Congress are bound by oath or affirmation to the Constitution.

Are there three ways to amend the constitution?


What article sets forth the ways to ways to amend the constitution?


What is the term for changes to the constitution?

Constitutional amendments. (different countries will have different ways of doing this, some by popular referendum others by a vote of the legislature).

Three main ways the constitution can be adapted?

There are three main ways that the US Constitution can be adapted to the changes that take place within the country. These ways include amending it, interpretation, and adding to it.

Does the constitution have to be amended frequently because it is inflexible?

A constitution should be inflexible; a person should not be able to interpret its contents in a number of different ways, but in one way that is fair for all. Amendments allow a constitution to be updated and corrected to reflect the changes in society, but not so that it can be changed on a flimsy whim.

How the states new constitution reflected republicans ideas?

The states new constitution reflected on Republicans ideal in a few ways. The new constitution was built on the foundation of colonial experience.

What are ways the constitution has hurt America?

Allowing amendments.

In what ways did Virginians contribute to the successes of the nation?

The constitution

How many ways are outlined by the constitution for the amendment to be?

Amending the Constitution is a 2-step process, which includes the proposal, and the ratification. There are 2 ways an amendment can be proposed, either by Congress, or by the States.

In what two general ways does Congress reshape the Constitution?

The Constitution may undergo changes with a Constitutional Amendment or Constitutional Convention. The Supreme Court may not actually make changes to the Constitution, but may interpret the lines of the Constitution differently as time passes.