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What is cleavage? Give an example of a mineral with this property.

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What ways were temples important to Egypt's economy?

Priests hired people to work in temple workshops and granaries. Temples also served as banks. Egyptians used them to store valuable items, such as gold jewlery, fragrant oils, and finely woven textiles. Hope that helped! ^__^

In what ways did Greek gods and goddesess play an important part in the lives of the athenians?

Greek gods played an important role in the lives of Athenians by giving the people advice when they went to their temples.

What was the two ways the Egyptians decorated their temples?

One way that the Egyptians decorated their temples was with pictures of pharaohs and Hieroglyphics.

In what three ways did the temples serve as the center of a sumerian city?

The role of the Sumerian temples were to act as that axis mundi, observatory and storage

What were the two ways the Egyptian decorated their temples?

The two ways egyptians decorated their temples was that they painted pictures on their walls and built 66- foot statues of the pharaoh that had passes away i hoped this helped

Why is plant propagation important?

Plant propagation is very important as it increases the output produced in an economy. With increase in plants, the environment is also conserved in numerous ways.

In what ways did the economy of the North change from 1800 to 1850?

the economy changed from a traditional economy (based on farming) to an industrial economy

What were two ways the Egyptian decorated their temples?

they decorated their temple with Hieroglyphics on the walls

What ways do economics relate to chemistry?

The chemical industry has a very important part in the economy of a country; all around us is a chemical material.

What were 3 ways Greeks honored their gods and goddesses?

By offerings, temples and statues, and festivals and plays.

Three ways Greeks showd that their gods were important to them?

They built massive temples in their honor and held festivals, sometimes over a week long, to show them honor as well. Even the Olympics were held in honor of the gods.

What kind of land did Delaware have in 1638?

it depends if your asking in an economy way or other ways but in economy it was cheap

What are the similarities between mixed economy and free eonomy?

they are similar in many ways they are similar in many ways

What was the reciprocal trade agreement?

What are the ways in which the United States influenced the Cuban Economy between 190-1933 What are the ways in which the United States influenced the Cuban Economy between 190-1933

Discuss the importance of tourism?

Tourism is important because it gets people to come to cities and help the economy grow. It is also good ways for people to have fun and enjoy life.

What were 4 ways that the railroads helped the economy?

they helped the economy buy making it easier for all of the people from place to place

What was economy in colonial Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a continent band it is gooded in my ways

What were two ways the Egyptians decorated their temples?

Carvings and tapestries for the main part...... Then you have sconces, colored bricks, trees and furniture.

What Ways Did Greeks honor there gods?

Greeks honoured their gods by conducting religious festivals and sacrifices, rituals and praying in temples.

What are the Roles of computer in national development?

Computing plays an important role in the development of a nation's infrastructure and economy. It provides modern communication systems and ways to streamline manufacturing and logistics?æprocesses.

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