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Biomes are large scale environments. Thus a creek can be found in many different ones.

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Q: In which biome does a creek belong?
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What biome does cone-bearing trees belong to?

Cone bearing trees belong to the Terrestrial Biome.

Which biome does New York City belong to?

temperate forest biome

What biome does an antelope belong to?


What biome is the zebra in?

they belong in the grasslands

What biome do wolverines belong to?


What is a sentence for the term biome?

The desert is an example of a biome.This is a rainforest biome.

What biome does New Orleans belong to?

it is located in the stupid plastic tickle steven biome

Which biome does the UK belong to?


What biome does the Philippines belong?

tropical rain forest

What kind of biome does a dandelion belong to?

grass lands

In which biome does this Asian dhole belong?

The dhole is an Asian dog that belongs to the temperate deciduous forest biome.

An example of a fresh water biome?

lake, river, pond, stream, creek, ect.

Fire-tolerant plants belong to the chaparral biome?


In which biome does the region of is san jose-ca belong?

Tropical Rain Forest

Do the Sahara Desert and the Negev Desert belong to the same biome?

Yes they do, because they are both deserts.

What biome does a zebra go in?

Zebras belong in the Savannah Biome, also know as the Tropical Grasslands. Though these grasslands are located around the world, Zebras live throughout Africa.

Why are plants and animals of eastern Canada similar to plants and animals of eastern Asia?

That is because they belong to same biome

Explain why the plants and animals of Eastern Canada are similar to the plants and animals of Eastern Asia?

because they belong to the same biome

What efforts can humans do to protect the desert biome?

The efforts that humans can make to protect the desert biome are to not litter there. They should also not bring anything into it that doesn't belong there, and to not take things out. The best thing that humans can do, is leave it as they found it.

To which biome does Arkansas belong?

Deciduous Forest! See maps and more details at:

Do fire-tolerant plants belong to the chaparral biome?

Yes, because of hot and dry summers, periodic fires are an important abiotic factor in the Chaparral biome. Because of this, many plants will develop fire resistant mechanisms to survive.

What biome does the Basset Hound belong to?

Biomes are things that have to do with Earth. When it comes to basset hounds, I think you're reffering to breed maybe. Everlasting ,Maya

What are the 7 types of terrestrial biome?

marine biome,desert biome,savanna biome,coniferous forest biome,tundra,etc

What biome is similar to the rainforest biome?

Is it Temperate forest biome!

What biome was the middle colonies in?

forest biome and a mountain biome