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The Delian League

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Q: In which city state alliance did Athens become the leader?
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Who was the leader of the alliance of Greek city state after the Persian war?


In which city state did Athens become the leader?

The Delian League

The establishment of the Delian League caused Athens to become very?

The establishment of the Delian League allowed Athens to protect its sea borders and lessen the threat of becoming a target for the Persian Empire. This alliance caused Athens to become the dominant city-state in Greece.

Which city-state won the Peloponnesian War?

No city won. The Sparta alliance with Persian backing defeated the Athens alliance or empire.

The city-state that amerged as the leader of Greece after the Persian war was?


What city-state benifitted the most from the Persian Wars?

Athens converted the alliance it led into an empire of its own.

Why did many city state from an alliance against Athens?

they wanted to punish the Persians for attacking Greece

Who wanted Utah to become a state?

Brigham Young (a religious leader)

What city-state is Athens based on?

Modern Athens is based on the ancient city-state of Athens.

Why did many city-states form an alliance against Athens?

They wanted to punish the persians for attacking Greece

Did Sparta become the most powerful city state during the golden age?

No, Athens became the most powerful Greek city-state.

Why did many city-state form an alliance against the Athens?

Athens turned the league which it led against the Persian Empire into an empire of its own. Using the power of this empire to bully other city-states. The Peloponnesian League led by Sparta called Athens on its attempt to bankrupt its neighbour Megara, a member of their league, an overconfident Athens persisted, resulting in a destructive war which Athens lost, and was stripped of its empire.