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it is located in USA

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Q: In which country is NASA located?
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What country nasa located?

NASA Headquarters is in Washington, DC, and the United States of America is the country.

What country is NASA located?

The United States.

Where is NASA located at in the us?

NASA headquarters is located in Washington, D.C.

Is NASA located in India?

No it is located in America

What is the main office of NASA?

NASA Headquarters is located in Washington, DC.

What state is home of the NASA?

NASA headquarters are located in Washington, D.C.

Is NASA located in Chicago?


In which city is NASA located in Texas?

NASA is located in Miami Florida. They have been down in Florida for almost sixty Years or so. NASA has launched over 100 space missions from there.

Where is NASA located in India?

In mumbai

What country owns NASA?


How does NASA control rover on mars?

By sophisticated remote controls located in the Aerospace center in NASA.

Which Texas city is NASA located in?


NASA is the space agency of which country?


What country launched NASA?

NASA was launched by America in 1958, before that it was NACA which was launched in 1915 and was ended in 1958 when NASA launched, this year NASA would complete its 50th Anniversary.

Where is NASA mission control located?

NASA mission control headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Every launch takes place here. Then they are monitored by them as well.

Where is the NASA space station located?

In orbit of earth.

In which country is NASA?

NASA, (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is the space program of the United States of America.

Does NASA have a headquarters?

Yes, NASA does have headquarters. They are located in Washington DC due south of the National Air and Space Museum.

In which city is NASA space centre office located?


What other country has a NASA like organization?

There is a ESA in Europe.

Which country does the hubble telescope belong to?

The HST was built under contracts passed by NASA and is operated by NASA. Therefore, it is property of the USA.

Why NASA is located in Texas?

Lyndon Johnson. Capt. Warner Athey

Where is the headquarters of NASA?

NASA's main headquarters is located in Washington D.C.

Where are the antennas of NASA deep space network located?

show and lce

What country financed Neil Armstrongs exploration?

Nasa or America's Goverment