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sound travels the fastest through a solid perferably dimond.

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Sound travel fastest in which medium?

in air medium

In which of these medium does sound travel fastest?

in solid medium

Which medium would sound travel the fastest?

Sound travels fastest through a nonporous solid medium, such as steel.

In which medium does the sound travel the fastest?


What medium do sound waves travel fastest in?


What medium does sound wave travel faster in?

Sound waves travel the fastest through a solid.

In what medium does sound travel fastest - solid -liquid - or gas?

Sound waves travel fastest through solids. *Generally, sound waves travel faster as the density of the transmission medium increases.

According to the table in which medium does sound travel at the fastest speed?

According to the table the medium that sound travels at fastest speed is the electromagnetic waves.

Through which medium does sound typically travel the fastest?


Through which medium does sound typically travel fastest?

Sound travels the fastest in nonporous solids like iron.

What does the type of medium have to do with the speed of sound?

Sound travels at different speeds depending on the medium. Sound will travel the fastest through solids.

Why does sound travel fastest in a liquid than a gas?

Density of the medium.

Is water the material that sound travels fastest in?

no. the sound travells faster as the medium is denser. according to that fact, the sound will travel fastest in the steel.

Which medium does sound travel the fastest through air water or steel?


Sound travels fastest in which medium and why?

sound would travel faster in a solid because it is a denser object for the soundwaves to travel through

Which travels fastest through a medium a photon atom sound or electron?

Light (photons) will usually travel fastest.

What medium does sound travel fastest in?

Solids. The speed of sound is 15 times faster in iron than in air.

What temperature of air does sound travel fastest in?

The more dense the medium, the faster sound will travel. Air gets more dense the cooler it gets. The colder the air, the faster the sound will travel.

Why does sound travel fastest through a sold then a liquid and a gas?

That's because sound is a compression wave. It needs a medium to travel through. The best mediums are dense, like metal and concrete. Liquids are okay. Gasses are the worst. Sound will not travel in space because there's no medium for sound to travel through.

What medium does sound travel faster in?

Sound travels fastest through solids, slower through liquids and slowest through gases.

Which medium does sound travel fastest in?

Sound travels faster in solids than it does in liquids. thus, sound travels faster in liquids than it does in solids

Which medium will sound travel fastest vacuum or metal?

Sound requires a medium in which to travel. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum. Sound travels pretty well in a metal, and will diminish in intensity according to how much is dampened in the material. The metal with the highest sound velocity is Beryllium, in which its velocity is almost 13 km/sec.

What can affect the speed at which sound travels?

The most relevant answer to this question is medium, the most prime factor affecting the rate of sound travel is the medium which carries the sound waves, sound is fastest in solids and slowest in viscous fluids.

Which material does a sound go fastest through?

The denser the material medium, the faster the speed of sound will be, thus sound will travel fastst through the densest material.

Why does sound travel fastest through a solid medium?

Sound travels further in a solid medium because the atoms are closer together. less energy is dissipated. It's an amplification of sorts.

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