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Q: In which portion of the Earths atmosphere is the satellite located at 75km away from earth?
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The first Indian Satellite aryabhatta was launched from?

the earths atmosphere

Why is it better to look at the stars through satellite?

No atmosphere. Earths atmosphere has clouds, pollution, dust..........ect.

What gas has made up the largest portion of earths atmosphere for most of earths history?


What is the Moon's lit portion?

The Moons lit portion is always about 50% excluding The light bounced by the Earths atmosphere

Where is Nigeria's Satellite located?

its on the earths atomospher in 1909 it was invented by nigeria

Why is hubble located on the outside of earths atmosphere?

because it has to be

Where in the earths atmosphere is smog located at?

The Troposhere I think...

What happened to the sputnik satellite after sent into space?

Upon re entry to the earths atmosphere , It burned up

Where are earths layers located?

Earth's layer are located in the atmosphere. Ozone layer is one of them.

What is portion of the atmosphere 10 to 25 miles above the earths surface is called?

Stratosphere by great usama

What is the portion of the atmosphere 10 to 25 miles above the earths surface called?

Stratosphere by great usama

Where is the most of the earths carbon located?

In the atmosphere, in the form of carbon dioxide