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Q: In which process of transfer of heat in which material medium is not required?
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What material is the best medium for sound transfer?


What is the difference between conduction and convection?

Conduction transfers heat by direct contact. Convection, is the transfer of heat by movement of the medium, due to difference of density caused by changes in temperature.

What does conduction and convection have in common?

They both need a medium (material) to transfer heat.

What three ways can heat travel through substances?

Conduction - Process of heat transfer through a medium or material without any movement of the medium or material. Convection - transfer of heat from one place to another through the movement of fluids. A fluid with a given density rises within a fluid of greater density and sinks within in a fluid of smaller density. Radiation - transfer of heat, in the form of waves from one place to another without a medium.

How is heat transfered by radiation different from conduction and convection?

Radiation does not need any material medium to transfer energy where as the other two conduction and convection need a material medium to perform.

What is the only way to transfer heat in a vacuum?

Radiation.Conduction and convection both involve a material medium.

By which mode of heat transfer heat is transferred in solids?

the process of transfer of heat energy in solids is known as conduction.. For more info-- the process of transfer of heat energy in liquids and gases is known as convection.. And the process of transfer of heat energy without any material medium is known as radiation..

How can there be gravity in space?

Quite simply, no material medium is required to transmit the force of gravity.

Is an idea made up of matter?

Idea has no mass though it required a medium to store and process it.

Why do mecanical waves need medium?

Only the disturbance produced in the medium in the form of simple harmonic vibration gets propagated in the form of waves. Hence a material medium is a must to do so. But in case of light it is the electro magnetic energy being propagated and so no material medium is required as an essential one.

At what spead does transfer of heat take place?

Heat transfer is in three modes. Conduction, convection and radiation. In case of conduction, the speed of transfer depends on the conduction property of the material. In case of convection, the speed of transfer depends on the density of the liquid. In case of radiation, the speed of transfer of heat is at the speed of light in air medium and a little bit less in other denser medium.

What does a medium transfer?