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The heart begins to beat at the end of 3 weeks. Our 'reptilian brain' develops within the first two months, but our conscious thought does not develop until six months into the pregnancy.

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Q: In which trimester of pregnancy does the embryo develop brainwaves and a beating heart?
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In what trimester of pregnancy does the embryo develop brainwaves and a beating heart?

second trimester

What starts to develop in the baby the third trimester of pregnancy?

the vocal chords

In which trimester during pregnancy does the baby develop major organs?

All the organs of the baby develop in first trimester. Means in first three months ofpregnancy.

When does the neural tube develop?

The neural tube develops during the first trimester of pregnancy.

What trimester of pregnancy does the sternum develop?

The sternum develops somewhere between week 6 and 8, so well within the first trimester.

How does the baby develop during the third trimester of pregnancy?

It grows larger Actually, in the third trimester all you need to do is to let the baby grow to full term.

Which trimester does the Facial features develop?

first trimester

Which trimester does the fingers and toes develop?

the third trimester

What happens durning the second trimester?

eyes develop and lips develop

What trimester does organs develop in a fetus?

The major body organs form in the first trimester

When can you determin a babys sex while pregnant?

The baby's gender can usually be determined by ultrasound in the mid to late second trimester of the pregnancy. The baby's gender usually begins to develop during the latter half of the first trimester (about 8 weeks).

Match each stage of pregnancy with its corresponding description A First trimester Marked by the growth and maturation of the fetus's organs and body systems B Second trimester All of the baby's?

1st trimester- all of the baby's body structures and systems develop 2nd trimester- marked by the grown and masturbation of the fetus's organs and body systems. 3rd trimester- the fetal systems continue to grow and mature also the time of the greatest weight gain

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