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In wrestling what's real and what's fake?

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September 13, 2011 12:12AM

no all of it except the wrestling matchs are fake weapons are real and there hatred toward vince McMahon is real its either they are actually bleeding or they slit them selves with a small knife and the wrestling moves/wrestling matches are real

Wow, that's pretty much completely wrong. Rivalries are staged. They do not hate Vince Mcmahon. If they hated him, they most certainly would not be working for him. They do actually bleed, but they do not bring a small knife into the ring with them, that's nuts. They have a small piece of razor hidden and they use that, then dispose of it when they are done. The ref actually usually takes care of that. Modt moves are made to protect the wrestlers, but it does strain them, and can be dangerous if botched. Matches are pre-determined with storylines in mind.