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Q: Incontinence in adult what event may lead to its occurrence?
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What events may lead to it's occurrence in the adult?

it depends, what is "it's"

What events may lead to incontinence in adults?

Incontinence in adults is generally a result of spinal cord injury, emotional problems, bladder irritability, or some other pathology of the urinary tract.

Is fecal incontinence life threatening in old people?

The biggest risk is if the person is wheelchair bound or bedbound. Fecal incontinence can lead to skin breakdown, leading to decubitus ulcer(s) of the skin.

Does all bladder weakness lead to incontinence?

Not really. Incontinence is a common problem, especially after a particular age. But you need not worry as there are solutions for this. They best way is to consult an urologist and start treatment for the same. Urinary incontinence is generally referred to as a term for weak bladder. These treatments are not that fast and takes time to cure. The other alternate way is to resort to incontinence products. You can explore the website to find products suited to your need. There are good brands which provide incontinence products in the market.

Is it true that urine incontinence more common in women or men?

Usually women tend to get urine incontinence more than men especially when they reach menopause. Often it is seen when there is a hormonal change in the body of a woman it could lead to loss of bladder control. Also, the urethral muscle loses strength and elasticity causing urine incontinence.

What events may lead to incontinence occurring in adults?

Incontinence is lake of voluntary control over the bladder sphincter muscle,might be as result of spinal cord injury, emotional problems,bladder irritability and some other pathology of urinary tract.

Can fecal inpaction lead to incontinence?

Yes it can because compacted stool pushes against rectum and anal sphincter muscles and can weaken them over time.

Are the levels of incontinence same or different between men and women?

With ageing generally the restraining capacity weakens. Shincter and pelvic floor muscles performs lesser. However modern medical science and technlogies can help such people with various products to protect during incontinence and lead a normal life. Try checking out products online. Research has shown that men and women aqcuires different level of incontinence of urine.

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When one bulb burned out, a small section of light goes out.

My son had a Foley catheter and they forced it through the last sphincter. He screamed in pain and has had incontinence ever since. Could the sphincter have been damaged?

Yes, the sphincters can be damaged. Also urinary catheters can introduce bacteria and lead to chronic bladder infections with incontinence. Have him checked first for UTI. A cystoscopy can show if there is a structural problem.

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Can urinary incontinence lead to bladder infection?

If you have a weak bladder and do not use the right products, it can lead to bladder infection. It is very important to keep your self dry and good diapers are needed. There are greater chances of developing infections if you remain wet for long

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