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lights dont flash

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Q: Increase the sound of car alarm?
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Can I personalize the actual sound of my car alarm?

You can personalize the sound of the car alarm but it has to be done in the setup process.

Is it possible to increase the speed at which your car alarm horn honks?

Tighten the screw on the back or side of the horn. That increases the sound.

Makr a list of all the sounds that warn you of danger?

Fire alarm sound,anbulance siren sound,alarm bell sound and car theft alarm.

Why does your car alarm sound when you open the door with the key?

Because the car alarm needs to be disarmed before you open the door. It's not connected to your door locks.

Squealing sound at the front of a car. It doesnt happen when car is in idle Car is a turbo starlet standard. Sound tends to increase in speed with the increase in speed of the car But sometimes absent?

Probably a worn or loose belt

What is a car panic alarm?

A panic alarm in a car

HOW do you dissarm a car alarm on a Camry?

On a 1996 Camry. you just gotta turn your car off, than open the door then the alarm will sound, after you close the door, turn the car on (not the engine), and then turn the switch to off, it is located by the handle to open the roof. Then alarm should turn off.

Install a Car Alarm?

form_title=Install a Car Alarm form_header=Having a car alarm can keep the vehicle safe and secure. What type of features do you want in the car alarm?=_ Does your car have a wireless keychain?= () Yes () No How sensisitive do you want the alarm to be?=_

Name something that makes a startling sound?

car horn, siren, gun shot alarm thunder

Replace a Car Alarm?

form_title=Replace a Car Alarm form_header=Protect your car from theft or vandalism by having a car alarm repaired. What issues have you noticed with the car alarm?=_ Would you like to replace the alarm with a newer model?= () Yes () No Does the car have keyless start?= () Yes () No

What can cause sound waves to increase their speed?

y do u car

How long can a car alarm sound?

domestic alarms max 20 Min's car alarms should be same as it is officially a nuisance after that time

How do you disconnect car alarm for 1999 Chrysler 300m?

You can disconnect your 1999 Chrysler 300 car alarm by removing the car alarm fuse. The car alarm fuse can be found in the fuse box.

I have a 2006 Ford Escape the horn will no longer beep when I set the alarm?

If You Just Press The Button Once It (horn) Does Not Sound.. Try Pressing Button Twice.... To Test Your Car Alarm Roll Down Your Driver Side Window,Get Out And Set The Alarm; Then Reach In And Open Door, Alarm Should Sound... If Not Have It Serviced........ Hope This Helps....

Can a car alarm not allow your car to start?

your car should still start, regardless of the alarm It depends on the alarm, some can cause a no start.

How long can a car alarm sound for?

it sounds for 1 minute then rearms its self after 45 seconds, until deactivated

Does alarm have a short a sound?

No. The first A has a schwa (uh) sound and the second has an R-shaped sound as in the word "car" (sounds like R in US English, AH in British English).

How can you deactivate a Camry's horn so it doesn't sound when activating the alarm?

If you deactivate the horn your car will not pass the state inspection next time. In order to get rid of the problem you have to reprogram the alarm system. For that you have to find out which alarm system you have. If you have an aftermarket alarm system then you can check the alarm system manufacture website for instructions. If the alarm system was installed by the manufacture you have to contact a local car dealer (the same manufacture of course).

How do you know if you have an car alarm?

You break into your own car and see if an alarm goes off. Remain in vehicle and try locking all doors with remote or electric door lock switch Then try unlocking door with manual release and open door - alarm should sound off

How do you reset or preset car alarm?

To re fresh the alarm, remove the fuse to the alarm, for 30 seconds then re fit, but be ready on the alarm key fob, to turn the alarm off, becose it will sound and flash the lights, when you first put the alarm fuse back in. After you turn off the alarm witht he key fob, it should work as normal alarm again :).

Is the cherry bomb muffler going to sound good at the back of the car?

Yes it will sound amazing get an induction kit to increase your engine sound

How do you restart a 1997 Jetta after its gone into alarm mode shut down all functions?

Take the remote control and insert it in the slot under the steering coulmn . Wait for the alarm sound (deactivates the alarm) and then start the car. The alarm is now deactivated. You need to reactivate the alarm in the same way to have the alarm functional again.

Can a car alarm alert me of damage to my car?

Car alarm gets activated and send signal if there is illegal entry to the car or if there are undue vibrations. In case there is damage to your car due to somebody hitting your car, smashing it with something or, banging your car with other vehicle then your car alarm will definitely go-off and will alarm you. But alarm may not get activated if somebody scratches your car or sprays it with paint or throws dirt on your car.

How do you program a python 488p car alarm?

488P Is the remote to a Python car alarm, need to be more specific on the alarm you have.

What sound do llamas make?

The sound llamas make is SNORRRBAH! ^^ now that noise would be really interesting. Actually its a hum, and if threatened sounds like a car alarm and car trying to start mixed together.