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It wasn't burned down by anybody, it never burned down. The building did catch fire in 1824, but was quickly extinguished.

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When was Independence Hall rebuilt after the fire?

Independence Hall in Philadelphia was never "rebuilt" as it never burned down.

Is liberty bell in Independence hall?

Um actually it might have been down from Independence hall and put somewhere else

What year was the fire at old hall great houghton Yorkshire?

The exact year is not known when the Old Hall in Great Houghton Yorkshire burned down. All is known is that it was burned down and demolished in the 1960's.

How many times has portland maine burned down?

From the information I am able to find, 3 times. It was bombarded and burned by the British during the War for Independence, the Great Fire which was July 4, 1866, and in 1908 Portland City Hall burned down.Because of the burning and being rebuilt the city bird is a phoenix. If you look around you will see phoenixes here and there in the architecture.

When was Independence Hall created?

Independence Hall was created in 1753.

Was the Declaration of Independence in the declaration hall?

Was the declaration of Independence in declaration hall.....declaration hall doesnt exist. Its independence hall you are thinking of. And yes it was created and signed there.

What does the Independence Hall stand for?

independence hall stands for strong and belief.

Where did the ideas originate for the independence hall?

where did the ideas originate for the independence hall?

Why is the Independence Hall important?

The independence hall is important because the constitution was signed in there and also the declaration of independence.

When was Independence Hall made?

Independence Hall was made in 1753 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When was Independence Hall Association created?

Independence Hall Association was created in 1942.

Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaIndependence hall

Why is independence hall so important?

Because the American flag was first raised there and The declaration of independence was signed in the independence hall.

How tall is the independence hall?

the independence hall is 92 feet tall and 95 feet wide

When was West Virginia Independence Hall created?

West Virginia Independence Hall was created in 1859.

When was Independence Hall of Korea created?

Independence Hall of Korea was created on 1987-08-17.

Information about Independence Hall Philadelphia?

Why the Independence Hall of Philadelphia is so important is because that's were the signing of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE WAS SIGNED.

Was the Declaration of Independence signed at the Independence Hall?

Yes it was signed in Independence Hall. Whoever answered your question before was insanely incorrect :)

What documents where signed at independence hall?

The Declaration of Independence, hence the name Independence Hall, in 1776. Also, five years later, the Articles of Confederation were adopted there, and in 1783, the Constitution of the United States was drafted in Independence Hall.

What does independence hall represent?

American revolution and independence

Where is Declaration of Independence signed?

independence hall, Philadelphia

Where was Declaration of Independence declared?

Independence Hall in Philidelphia.

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