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Q: Indian character in Street Fighter
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Who is the best character in street fighter?

Your mom! its is awesome

Guile is a character from what classic video game franchise?

The Street Fighter series of games by Capcom feature the character of Guile. This character first made his appearance in the 1991 game Street Fighter II.

How do you unlock zero in street fighter 4?

Zero's a mega man character you can't unlock him in any street fighter game!

Where can one download pictures on Blanka?

Blanka is a a popular character on the game 'street fighter'. Images of this character can be downloaded from numerous internet sites including the original street fighter site.

Is dudley from street fighter indian?

nope dudley is a black briton

Character moves from street fighter online?

The Game. You just lost it.

Who is the hottest character in street fighter?

Go home and be a family man.

How do you do the Tatsumaki in street fighter?

In Street Fighter 4, the the input for any character who can use the Tatsumaki is quarter-circle back followed by any strength of kick.

Which Street Fighter games are canon?

These are all of them... Street Fighter Street Fighter II Series Street Fighter Zero/Alpha Series Street Fighter III Series Street Fighter IV Series

Ibuki is a character from which video game?

Ibuki is a character from the video game 'Street Fighter'. Street Fighter was a very popular video game in the 90's and early 2000's. The game was played on the Nintendo 64.

Is street fighter the same as super street fighter?

no, street fighter 4 has one ultra combo per character where as super, has 2. super also has 10 new characters: Juri Hakan T.Hawk Guy Cody Ibuki Dee-Jay Adon Dudly Makoto. and you can play with every character from the start.

Which video game is Cammy a character in?

Cammy is a character in the Street Fighter video game series. In addition to Cammy's appearance in video games, she has also appeared in both a motion picture and anime rendition of the Street Fighter franchise.

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