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As of July, 2014 the maximum settlement amount for worker's compensation in Indiana is 347,000.00. This is for all compensation.

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Q: Indiana Workmens Compensation What is the maximum settlement amount?
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The California state compensation program is calculated on the priors year income of the injured worker. Then the worker is given between 60- 80 percent of the previous year salary.

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Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 becomes Employees with enhanced compensation limits, full medical expenses reimbursement, case disposal within 3 months, etc..& also applicable to casual & clericals, the said amendment which has removed the ceiling of monthly wage limit of Rs.4,000 for the purpose of calculation of Maximum Compensation under the Act is now amended again.Now, a new monthly wage ceiling limit of Rs. 8000 is introduced for the purpose of calculation of 50% of it during computation of Maximum compensation under the Act. Hence, the maximum compensation can go UPTO 50% of 8000 which comes to Rs. 4000/- that shall be multiplied by Age factor. Thus, effectively it was erstwhile 50% of Rs.4000 and now it is 50% of Rs.8000/-. This amendment is notified vide Central Government Notification No. S.O. 1258(E) vide Ministry of Labour & Employment dated 31st May 2010.

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■ In Section V, the minimum and maximum payroll limitations for executive officers, partners, individual employers, and members of a limited liability company were amended. The new minimum and maximum payroll limitations are $40,300 and $104,000. from the WCIRB of California website