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Inertia in a sentence?


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Inertia is, essentially, the body's resistance to change. An example sentence would be: Without inertia, we would be all over the place.

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the ability of an object to resist friction is its inertia

how do you write a sentence with the word inertia in it?(see its a sentence)lol:) Forget tht^^ interia is a force. Theres your sentence

newton invented the idea of Inertia. inertia can be great factor on physical laws.

Inertia keeps the planets in a steady balance.

I need to clean house today, but I am being effected by inertia.

I need to wash my car today, but I am being effected by inertia

Newton's 1st law is the law of inertia

'The car's inertia carried it forward several feet after the driver pushed the brakes.' 'His inertia launched him forward after reaching the base of the hill.'

'The car's inertia carried it forward several feet after the driver pushed the brakes.

In physics, inertia is an object's resistance to any change in motion, such as a change in velocity.

Inertia = force The race car had the inertia to break the speed record and sound barrier. The hurricane's inertia was dying out. The wind force had gone down to 30 miles an hour.

Inertia states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force.

Brian was amazed that the shack still stood. It seemed to be held together by mud, spiderwebs, and inertia.

Inertia is the property of matter that states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.

This is an easy one. You can put "Inertia is Newton's First Law of Motion." Is that good enough for ya?c:

Britain's workers demand the right to smoke-free workplaces: Government inertia hits two year mark.inertia is very strange concept. How is it even possible in real world?

An example of inertia is one below: Jessica is at the Supermarket and buys a whole cartload of potatoes and puts it in her cart. This is harder to get moving than if she only bought a single potato, and put it in her cart. This is because of inertia. An orange has more inertia than a penny.

Inertia of Rest Inertia of Motion Inertia of Direction

There are actually 3 kinds of inertia. They are as follows : 1. Inertia of Rest 2. Inertia of Motion 3. Inertia of Direction But nowadays people consider that there are 2 kinds of inertia , inertia of rest and inertia of motion.

That washing machine has great inertia because of the heavy motor in its interior.

inertia inertia inertia

Resting Inertia and Moving Inertia

There is no "A inertia." Its just inertia and inertia is the measure of an objects to stay at rest or to keep moving.

Law of inertia.Law of inertia.Law of inertia.Law of inertia.

Mass is a measure of inertia. Inertia is resistance to a change in motion. Mass and inertia are directly proportional. The greater the mass, the greater the inertia.

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