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Euro made. Get an appraisal


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It won't have one. There may be some numbers under the barrel on the forearm, but they will not be serial numbers.

Serial numbers were not required before 1968. If it has one, check under the forearm, on the barrel and on the action.

Take the forearm off, it's usually on the bottom of the barrels.

Check the top of the receiver and under the forearm.

Before they were required to be clearly visible on the receiver, one may have been on the lower tang (behind the trigger) or under the forearm, either on the forearm or the bottom of the barrel. Since these guns were made many years before serial numbers were required, there may not be one.

If it doesn't have one, it was made before 1968. Check the receiver and under the forearm.

Forearm iron and watertable are the easiest places to obtain this info

My brother has the same type shotgun. He says to look under the forearm of the gun and the serial number should be there. The forearm being the part that would be held in the left hand if a right handed person was aiming the gun.

There is no serial number on your shotgun. Serial numbers were not required befroe 1968.

If it is a Side by Side like my Western Long Range Gun, pop off the forearm - mine is marked in three places: the wood of the forearm, the metal of the forearm, and on the action. My Model 37 has the serial number stamped on the front of the reciever, opposite the slide for the pump. It is in the area between the magazine tube and the barrell.

There were no serial numbers stamped on the original Winchester Mdl. 37, single shot shotgun.

Serial numbers were not required before 1968. If it had one, check under the forearm and breech area.

The Riverside model number will be identical to the Stevens number.


Serial numbers were not required on rifles and shotguns until 1968.

Made in 1910.The serial numbers of the model 1901 started where the model 1887 shotgun left off.the serial number start for this model is 64856.It should be noted that some serial numbers were skipped between 1904-1920.Total production was 13,500 shotguns including the serial numbers skipped.My records indicate that your shotgun was made in 1906.

You will need to check your serial number again.Winchester serial numbers for the Model 1897 shotgun only go as high as 1,024,700.

Ithaca Firearms manufactured the Lefever Nitro Special shotgun with serial numbers between 101600 and 119899 in 1922.

Made from 1964-81. No breakdown on numbers I can find.

the mossberg 185 does not have a serial number, it is out of the time period where serial numbers were not forced to be used

By posting the serial number with all letters and numbers before during or after the serial number included.

Its located under the forehand grip. Usually on the right side of the water table (the frame under the barrels), on the barrel flats, and on the forearm iron.

The temperature of the wrist is than than that of the forearm because of the large number of veins in the forearm that are more close to the top of your skin.

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