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Q: Information may pass more rapidly to potential competitors abroad in which type of arrangement?
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Does information pass through a wholly owned operation or an acquisition?

information may pass more rapidly to potential competitors abroad in which type of arrangement, the greenfield operation, an acquisition, a wholly owned operation or a collaborative arrangement?

What are actions potentials?

In physiology, an action potential is a short-lasting event in which the electrical membrane potential rapidly rises and falls, following a consistent trajectoryAn action potential occurs when a neuron sends information down an axon, away from the cell body.

What is a sequence of rapidly occurring events that decrease and reverse the membrane potential and then eventually restore it to the resting state?

Action potential or impulses

When does a barometer indicate stormy weather?

When its pressure is dropping rapidly means a low pressure rea is approaching with potential stormy weather

What ion is rapidly moving into the cell during the depolarization period of an action potential?

Sodium.A positive ion (cation) that enters the cell (influx) rapidly when the membrane threshold is reached and the voltage gated sodium channels open.This occurs during the rising phase of an action potential, i.e. membrane depolarization beyond the threshold for activation.

What cause the membrane potential of a neuron?

Opening or closing of ion channels at one point in the membrane produces a local change in the membrane potential, which causes electric current to flow rapidly to other points in the membrane.

Why are jobs in the geographic information systems field increasing so rapidly?

well i dont think it is

If a crystal cools rapidly it would be?

Not enough information. Some crystals will break if they cool rapidly, some crystals will not form correctly if the solution cools too quickly.

How does chemical energy relate to potential and kinetic energy?

Potential energy is when the body is in a particular position.The position of a object changes rapidly due to gravitional force of the earth.Kinetic energy is the energy when the object is in motion.there is no chemical energy relating with these energies.

What is the arrangement of Earth the moon and the sun during a solar eclipse?

They are in that order : Sun, Moon, Earth. In a solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, casting a shadow that rapidly moves across the surface.

How does arrangement of atoms in most solids differ from the arrangement of atoms in a liquid?

The arrangement of atoms in solids are different from those in liquids in that they are unable to move from their location in the solid, where they can move in the liquid. A solid's atoms are vibrating very rapidly, but the molecules are all locked into place, whereas in a liquid the molecules are free to move around. Also in general the atoms of a solid are closer together than those of a liquid with the exception of water, whose solid form is less dense.

What are the growth potential for LPN nursing careers?

Licensed Practical Nurses have a lot of potential for growth. The baby boomer generation is rapidly growing older creating demand for healthcare and nurses. According to the salary ranges are from $34,429 - $48,333, with a median salary at $41,167.