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Information technology a boon or bane?


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bane of information technology


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it is aboon and a bane, but i dont know how it is

technology is bane to me but to the world is boon

mordern technology is both boon and bane .it depents upon the user

information technology boon or ban

Plastics are both a boon and a bane. They are a boon because they have allowed numerous advances in technology and medicine. They are a bane because they are not recycled that often, and end up taking up space in landfills and becoming pollutants.

it is a boon because it has facilitated us and is helpful in tough projects

Technology is both boon and bane. Technology has brought people all over the world together through the ease of communication. The disadvantage is that it reduces a person's privacy and that communication has become impersonal rather than relational.

Scoring rubrics is a boon, not a bane. A boon is something helpful, while a bane is something harmful.

Strengthing of rupee boon or bane?"

It can be both a blessing (boon) and a curse (bane).

fashion shows a boon or a bane

Is education a bane or bane

It is a boon in many ways and a bane in many ways

i think it is a boon as well as bane

open book exam boon or bane?

It is a sugarcoated pill.Taken in right dosages, a boon and taken wrongly , a bane.

Boon is something that is beneficial to be thankful for. Bane is something that causes misery or death.

Girl child is not a bane to the society rather is a boon.

A boon is a good thing, an advantage; a bane is a bad thing, a disadvantage.

reservation is definitely a bane.......................................

Everyone has their own idea about whether a piece of technology, or all technology, is a bane or boon. Inventions like the computer have helped economies expand and made knowledge available to billions. However, social networks have also made people less willing to interact in person.

bane is nothing but something harmful or against nature or in simple disadvantages.whereas boon is advantages

Bane; worse than alcohol.

The phrase "boon or bane" means pros and cons. It is used to refer to the good and bad of something.

TV can be either a boon or a bane on family relations. It can be a boon if it is used to educate or entertain the family as a unit. It can be a bane if it is used as a babysitter for the children or if senseless shows are watched.

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