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Q: Inmates are generally housed in dormitory like settings and free walk yard in?
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What are housed in a dormitory?

A dormitory is a room or building where people live. There are dormitories in colleges and universities where students are housed while achieving an education away from home.

How many inmates are housed in Texas prisons?

As of 2021, there are approximately 127,000 inmates housed in Texas prisons.

How many inmates are housed in Alabama?

Not enough!

Whats the days and times for visiting inmates?

This is completely at the discretion of the facility where the inmate is housed. You will need to contact that facility to get the information.

Why were the people of the holocaust afraid to use the showers in the concerntrational camps?

They were not, inmates at concentration camps generally were only allowed to use a shower once, that upon arrival. This may refer to the fake showers at the extermination camps, people who were murdered on arrival were taken to fake showers instead of actual showers. The inmates of these camps knew the difference between real showers (housed in different buildings) and the gas chambers.

What type of housing was there in the Gross-Rosen concentration camp?

At Gross-Rosen, as well as other concentration camps, the facilities resembled military camps with barrack style furnishing for the inmates. Inmates were segregated by sex, and in some by age as well. Gross-Rosen housed approximately 120,000 inmates, out of that number approximately 40,000 died either while in the camp, or during evacuation.

Can you be a convicted felon without serving jail time?

Prisons are where felony offenders go to serve their sentences consisting of at least one year. Local jails are where misdemeanor offenders are housed. HOWEVER - in some cases - when jails are overcrowded, misdemeanor inmates may be 'farmed out' to prisons who have more room to house the inmates.

Is there a military prison at Fort Knox Kentucky?

Every post has an area for holding prisioners. This is not a prison though. Ft. Knox is a major training base.That is wrong. there is a prison at ft Knox. It is for soldiers who are sentenced to less than 3 years more than 3 years go to LeavenworthCorrection: I worked there in the 1980's and worked on post in the 1990's.There was from 1947 to September 2009. Civil affairs often put out disinformation on the prison. It housed inmates with 7 years or less or that had a PTA parole agreement. It was built to house 250 inmates and stayed between 200 to 500 inmates. Many of the inmates had longer sentences at civilian prisons near by to serve. There were also a few terrorist housed there off and on. Until 1969 it housed an electric chair and over 200 army inmates and German war criminals were put to death. In the 1970's a Manson follower was drafted and jailed for attempted murder and wrote "Helter Skelter" on the door of the death chamber after murdering a guard. The writing stayed no matter how they tried to erase it.

Can juveniles be housed with adults?

I think they are housed in adult jail and prison

Where did the feudalisms get housed?

Feudalism is an idea, a form of government. It isn't "housed" anywhere.

The place where aeroplanes are housed is called a?

The place where aeroplanes are housed is called a hanger.

What is a ship that housed convicts?

The ships which housed convicts in England during the 1700s were called hulks.