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The Scientific Method

1) Observe- use the five senses

2) Hypothesis- a proposed explanation for observation; an educated guess

3)Experiment- a procedure used to test a hypothesis

-find the independent variable(variable that changes during experiment)

-Find the dependent variable(variable that changes in response to the idependent variable)

4) data- write down everything you observe about the experiment.

5) Conclusion!!!!

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Q: Instructions for carrying out a science experiment?
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What are some science experiment for gymnasticsI need a science experiment for gymnastics

Why is it important to read instructions all the way through before beginning the experiment?

If you do not read all the instructions before doing a experiment, something bad could happen. If you are dealling with chemicals in a science experiment, something could explode, turn into a terrible gas. Also, instructions will tell you is you should or should not breath in right near a substance, or touch one.

What are some experiment for gymnastics?

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How do you make blobs in a bottle?

"Blobs In A Bottle" is the name of a simple science experiment that creates a lava lamp effect inside of a soda bottle. The instructions for the experiment can be found at: Click on "Experiments"

What is being measured in a science experiment?

in a science experiment many things are measured. it depends on what experiment one is conducting.

What graph should you use to represent a lava lamp science experiment?

Draw a list of pictures about what you had to do kind of like instructions and there is you chart

What equipment is used in a science experiment?

which experiment

What is a good science experiment that you can do?

a good science experiment is a 3d plant cell model

What is a control group in a science experiment?

A control group is the unaffected group in a science experiment.

When Select three different bottles of juice drink. Select thirty respondents among your friends and ask them to evaluate the drinks then ask them why they like it. Record the answer. Rank the attribu?

This is obviously part of a set of instructions for a science experiment. Follow the instructions and actually do the experiment and you will probably get a pretty good grade.

What is the difference between a set of instructions and a process?

A set of instructions tells you how or why to do something. A process analysis is observing your experiment after an experiment is created. ----

Why are multiple trials important when carrying out an experiment?

So the experiment's results are more reliable