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Insurance for mobile mechanic repairs?


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You need commercial General Liability Insurance

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No. But if you have proof positive that the mechanic caused the damage, HIS insurance will cover the repairs. Call your local office of the State Attorney General.

A mobile mechanic is extremely useful to drivers. Should a problem occur with the car whilst parked at home or during a journey, the mobile mechanic can be requested to come to the location to make any necessary repairs. that's where i got mine and i am a mobile welder. Its under small business insurance, then under repairs, then under welding.

An engineer designs it, a mechanic builds it or repairs it. I agree, an engineer designs, a mechanic repairs.

The person who repairs your car is called a mechanic.machinate

A mechanic, or motor mechanic, or car mechanic.

a diesel mechanic repairs diesel engines

A mechanic is a person who repairs an object which has many spare parts.

Neither. A mechanic is a technician that repairs and services machinery.

One who repairs and maintains mechanical stuff.

Someone who repairs mechanical things

An auto mechanic repairs cars. Usually the drive-train, brakes, and engine.

Yes. Alfa has mobile home insurance.

US Fidelis offers insurance for auto-repairs. They pay the repair shop while you pay your monthly insurance cost to them

The same as any mechanic, do the needed repairs and maintenance correctly in a reasonable time frame.

The word mechanic is a noun, a word for aperson who repairs and maintains machinery. Example:The mechanic repaired my car in one afternoon.

He's the fellow that repairs your computer when it needs fixed.

An individuial that has been trained in and performs repairs automobiles.

=== === === === === === === === === === An individual that has been trained in and performs repairs on automobiles.

The correct spelling for the person who repairs cars is mechanic.

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