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Q: Intercollegiate athletics were inaugurated on American college campuses by?
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Plural of campus?

the plural for of university is universities

What is a sentence for campuses?

There are a number of engineering campuses in India. This is a sentence containing the word campuses.

How much campuses are there in Moscow?

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How many campuses does the Southern Arkansas University have?

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Where was football first played?

In Quebec by british replacement troops.ANSWER:American football evolved over several years on Ivy League campuses. The game that's today considered the first intercollegiate football game (although it looked a lot more like soccer than the game we know) was played in New Brunswick, N.J., between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869.

What is the difference between the two hillsong college campuses?

Just location - One Church two campuses - One college two campuses

When was Campuses of Arellano University created?

Campuses of Arellano University was created in 1945.

How many campuses does university of Wisconsin have?

It has 26 campuses and some extention offices.

What were some of the effects of the Vietnam War in the US?

Riots on college campuses; burning American flags; burning draft cards; and heading for Canada.

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The University of the West Indies. at St. Augustine, Trinidad. Other Campuses,