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It's safe as in it wont harm you but there is still a small risk of pregnancy.

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Protected sex is always safe. That is the point of using contraceptives.

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Q: Intercourse during menstruation is safe or not?
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Is it safe to have intercourse on the 6 days of your menstruation?

It's safe if I'll make love for my bf after my menstruation 6 days count from the first of my menstruation I start 3 and finish 7 than I'll make love date of 10 it's safe or I'm getting pregnant?

Is it safe for females to urinate during intercourse?

Messy but it is safe.

Is it safe 9 days after menstruation?

If you mean sexual intercourse then it's unwise to rely on any so-called safe period. Get proper contraception.

Is it safe to take neo-penotran vaginal suppository during menstruation?

no. you should stop the medication during menstruation and just resume after

Is it possible to be pregnant if you intercourse 3 days after menstruation?

Yes - during the average 28 day cycle 3 days after menstruation would be during your fertile phase, thus pregnancy risk is very high.

What does Islam say about sex during menstruation?

Intercourse sex during wife menstruation (monthly period) is strictly forbidden and is sinful. However, oral sex as kissing and touching wife nipples or husband penis could be allowed.

Is it safe to intercourse during first trimester?

Yes; intercourse is perfectly safe throughout your entire pregnancy as long as you, the female, remains comfortable or your doctor orders you to refrain from sex.

Is 10 days after menstruation safe?

When you count ten days from the day your menstruation started is safe. Linda Adams

Is it safe to get sex 8 days after your menstruation?

As long as you have no other health issues, it is safe to have sex at any time during your cycle.

Is it safe to discharge sperm in female after sexual intercourse?

The sperm is usually discharged during intercourse. That one of the prime reasons for intercourse: for male sperm to get into a female for fertilization of her egg(s).It depends on what you mean by "safe". It is the natural method of procreation.

What are Muslim women exempted of when during their periods?

They are exempted of praying and holding or reading the Quran. They are exempted also from fasting. The days not fasted by women during Ramdan when on their period (menstruation) should be compensated for after the month of Ramadan when available. Also intercourse sex with wife during her menstruation (Period) is forbidden in Islam.

No bleeding during menstruation?

Yes there is bleeding during menstruation