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It is a mixture, because pure gold is too soft to make jewelery out of. So one must always mix it with another element, such as silver or copper. 24 Karat gold is pure gold, and anything under it is a mixture.

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Is 18 carat gold an element?

No. Gold is an element, but PURE gold is 24 Karat. 18 karat gold is a mixture of gold and other metals- it is not pure gold.

Is 14 karat gold a compound or mixture?

mixture surely this is contain copper

Is 18 karat gold an element solution or mixture?

18 karat gold is a mixture.It is 75% gold and 25% (usually) copper


Gold is an element Carbon is an element A mixture with gold and carbon in is a compound

Is gold and element compound or mixture?

Pure gold is an element.

What is gold . element compound mixture?

Gold is an element

Is gold a mixture or a compound?

Neither, gold is an element.

Is gold a mixture or compound?

Neither. Gold is an element

Is pure gold a compound a mixture a element or a solution?

Pure gold is an element.

Is gold a element compound or mixere?


Is a gold bracelet an element a compound or a mixture?

A gold bracelet is a compound because gold itself is an element, but when it is made into jewelry, it is combined with other element(s), making it a compound.

is 24 karat gold a mixture?

Is white gold a element mixture or compound?

White gold is a mixture of gold and a few other metals.

Classify following into element compound or mixture gold and brass or iron and steel?

gold = elementbrass = mixture (alloy)iron = elementsteel = mixture (alloy)

14 carat gold a element compound mixture homogeneous mixture or a heterogeneous mixture?

Since 14 carat gold is not pure gold it is a mixture.

Is gold a compound element mixture?

It is an element. It is in the d block. It is a precious metal.

Is 28 karat gold a mixture?

There is no 28 karat gold. Pure gold is 24 ct.

Is 14 carat gold is an element compound heterogeneous mixture or homogeneous mixture?

This is an alloy and a homogeneous mixture.

Is gold ore an element compound or mixture?

Gold ore is the natural source of gold. Gold is mixed with other elements. So gold ore is a mixture.

Is 14 carat gold an element or compound?

It is not either. It is a homogeneous mixture.

Is gold an element a compound a solution or a heterogeneous mixture?

Gold is an element (79 on the periodic table of elements). Thats why you mine gold not make it!

Is a gold ring a mixture element or a compound?

While gold itself is an element a gold ring is most likely a mixture as pure gold is too soft for everyday use.

Is gold a compound or a mixture or an element?

Gold itself is an element. All of the gold you are likely to see (rings, watches, plating, etc.) is an alloy (mixture) of gold and other metals. Even "pure gold" jewellery (24 k) is only +99.9% pure

Differentiate element compound and mixture?

element: is a substance such as gold, oxygen, or carbon that consists of only one type of atom. compound: a compound is a substance that consists of two or more elements. mixture: combination of two or more substances

Is gold a compound?

No, gold is an element.No; gold is an element.