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Can get dirty tarnish a bit but with cleaning will return to its color as if new

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Q: Is 10k gold necklace can change color?
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What does 10K mean on a silver looking necklace?

It means it is 10K white gold.

Is a 10k Gold Figaro Chain Necklace real gold?


What does 858 stamped on a necklace mean?

I think it means 10k gold

How much for 10k gold necklace worth?

It's about $50-$100

Is a gold necklace a mixture?

Yes. The yellow gold necklace it is mixture with red copper alloy and yellow bronze alloy, from 22k thru 10k.

Is gold necklace a mixture?

Yes. The yellow gold necklace it is mixture with red copper alloy and yellow bronze alloy, from 22k thru 10k.

I have just received a necklace with JTS 10K stamped on the catch link what does this mean?

Sounds like JTS is the maker's mark, and 10K means it's 10K gold (10/24 of pure).

What does 417 mean on 18in necklace?

It means it's 41.7% pure or 10K gold

what is a good materal necklace for somone who works outside?

10k Gold is a good material for someone who works outside, since 10k is more durable than 14 or 24k. A herringbone necklace would be the strongest style.

What kind of cross necklace do gangs wear?

Either 14K or 10K white gold necklaces

How can I tell if my yellow gold necklace is 10K or 14K?

take it to a jewler take it to a jewler take it to a jewler take it to a jewler

What is the value of the following resistor with the color bands red blue gold gold?

10000 ohm = 10K

What does the ALM stamped inside an 18K gold ring stand for?

I had the same thing stamped on my 10k gold necklace. I called a jeweller and they weren't very helpful but they told me it was most likely the brand name.

What does ADL 10K?

Adl engraved in a 10k

How did you know if the gold necklace is real gold on first you see?

Real gold will have a stamp on it telling what it is. It should say 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K, or gold filled. Gold filled (GF) is not real gold. If the chain or pendant or ring doesn't have this on it then it isn't real gold.

How large is the diamond in 10k Gold Diamond Accent Stud Earrings?

The diamonds in the 10k Gold Diamond Accent Stud Earrings are rated at 1/5 cttw, J-K Color, and I2-I3 Clarity.

What does HCT mean stamped on a necklace mean?

in all probably hct is a company ident .mark if hge (heavy gold electroplate) ge (gold electroplate) gf (gold filled) P (means plum gold or exactly 18k,14k,12k,10k,9k,)

10k stamped on a necklace means?

10 karats..

What does 10k 512 mean on gold diamond ring?

10k 512 means, you have a 10k gold ring with 5.12carat's total gem weight.

Which is worth more 24k gold or 10k gold?

pure gold (24k) vs 41.7% (10k) gold.. you decide.

Can you change gold-plated jewelry to silver-plated jewelry?

If it's really gold-plated ( 10K / 14K / 18K ....) you don't want to plate it with silver for the gold using is the value of the jewelry. Do u mean yellow gold plated to white gold plated? If that's what you want, the answer is yes! You can have it plated to your desired color without changing the gold content!

What does lac 10k mean on gold jewelry?

What does 10k lac

What does pgda 10k mean and is it real gold?

The pgda means that the piece came from Piercing Pagoda. 10K means that the piece is ten karat gold, it is real gold.

What is the density of 10 carat gold?

It is depend on the other materials that are mixed into the gold. Every mix has a different dencity. 10K Green Gold 11.03 10K Yellow Gold 11.57 10K White Gold 11.07 10K Red Gold 11.59

Which gold is better?

That depends on your point of few. If you simply want the hardest gold, then 10k gold is what you're looking for as it certainly is the hardest. However, if you're looking for a durable gold item but with a higher actual gold content, then 18k is your choice and it has a beautiful warm color. In America, the favorite karat of gold is usually 14k followed thereafter by 10k. Bill Warren