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yes,it must be

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Q: Is 12th science degree recognized or valid from Navbharat shiksha parishad Orissa?
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Is the certificate of Intermediate given by Navbharat Shiksha Parishad NST valid?

Yes this is hundred percent valid because it is very good university in india

What degrees navbharat shiksha parisad provides?

The Nababharat Shiksha Parishad (NSP) is a legally authorized body which has a right to impart educational programmes. The Nababharat Shiksha Parishad (NSP) formulates the bye-laws, the prospectus and other documents for schools and colleges. The Nababharat Shiksha Parishad (NSP) sends a copy of each to the relevant Govt. authorities both at the centre and the state and other concerned authorities for their approval and rejection if any and thus makes changes accordingly.

When will bhartiya shiksha parishad be recognised?

is inderprashad shiksha parishad recognised by ugc in 1996

Is bhartiya shiksha parishad 1oth12th ceritificate is valid for bank jobs?

bhartiya shiksha parishad was officially deleted from the list of fake universities of ugc website

What all institutions recognize bhartiya shiksha parishad lucknow?

bhartiya shiksha parishad lucknow is recognised or not. B.ed or M.ed degree is eligible for govt. jobs please answer me

Is bhartiya shiksha parishad b.ed course approved by cbse board and ugc?

Nababharat shiksha parishat Board Orissa is FAKE, THEY are CHEATING STUDENTS

Is indraprastha shiksha parishad khoda recognised by ugc?


Is 10 and 12 from bhartiya shiksha parishad is valid?

bharitya shiksha parshid valid other non velid

Is bharathiya shiksha parishad lucknow university approved by UGC?


Is doing B com from nababharath shiksha parishad valid?

Not valid

Bharti shiksha parishad university of up is approved by ugc or not?


Is nababharat shiksha parishad orissa a fake university?

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