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Is 130 pounds overweight for an 11-year-old?

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Is 130 pounds overweight for a 5' 4 girl?

No your not overweight

Is a 13 year old girl overweight at 130 pounds and she is 5'3?


If im 5'3 12 years old and 130 pounds am I overweight?

yes .

Was Shane dawson on YouTube overweight?

Yes. He then lost like 130 pounds.

Im 12 and weigh 130 pounds and 5'2 am i overweight?

no your in the normal weight range

Are you over weight if your 61 cm tall and weigh 130 pounds?

61cm? That's about 2 feet. You would definitly be overweight if you were 2 ft and 130 pounds.

If you are 5 feet 4 inches and weigh 130 pounds are you overweight?

No, that is a perfect weight and BMI

Im 14years old and im a 5'5 and you weigh 125 pounds am i over weight?

NO, you are not overweight at all, in fact I believe you are in your range. I am 5'3, and according to my range I will be considered overweight if above 130. So, you being taller your limit for overweight would be higher than 130.

Is 130 pounds overweight for a thirteen year old girl?

It depends on your height, say for example if you are 13 years old, 130 pounds and 5'4 ... then yes it is healthy weight. If you are below 5 foot and 4 inches height and weight 130 pounds, it is already an unhealthy weight.

130 pounds over weight for a girl who is 11 ans 5''2?

130 pounds for a person who stands 5 feet 2 inches tall is normal and healthy. You would be considered overweight if you were at or above 136 pounds.

Is a 15 year old girl who is 5-4 and 130 pounds overweight?

no. look @ for a BMI

Is 113 pounds considered overweight if you are 14 years old?

no.its sister is 13 and she is 120-130

How much is a 18 year old 5'2 person supposed to weigh?

About 125-130 pounds Overweight is about 190

Is 216 pounds overweight for a 6' 16-year-old?

Yes, You are verry overweight. You should weight about 120-130 the lest for a 16 year old.

Is 220 overweight for 15-year-old girl?

Yes, its very overweight. You should weigh 120-130 pounds fro a 15 year old or less

What is 11 percent of 130 pounds?

11% of 130 pounds= 11% * 130= 0.11 * 130= 14.3 pounds

What is 130 pounds converted in to pounds?

130 lbs. converts to 130 pounds ('lbs.' is just an abbreviation for pounds).

Is 130 pounds overweight if you are 5' 2?

i checked the weight calc. you are only i pound over weight good for you child

I am 13 and 4'11and i weigh 130 pounds is this over weight?

yes you are overweight your BMI (body mass index) is 26.3 Underweight =

Im 13 5'4 14 and i weigh 130 pounds is this overweight?

i personally consider it obese ^That person is wrong. Just sayin'.

Is being 130 pounds as a 14 year old who is 5'9 overweight?

The best way to find out is to talk with a nutritionist nurse or physician.

How do you work out 11 percent of 130 pounds?

11% of 130 pounds = 11/100 * 130 = 0.11 * 130 = 14.3 pounds

Is 130 a normal weight for a 14 year old who is 5'2?

It is slighty overweight. A normal weight for a female of 5'2 is 105-125 pounds.

Is 130 pounds overweight for a 12 year old 5 foot 2 girl?

I think so just because I weigh that too.

Is 123 pounds overweight for a 12-year-old?

No, It is NOT 80-130 lbs. is good it also depends on your Height and your Weight.