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Yes this is true. According to Medical Science, only the best blood tissue is used to produce sperm cells which originate from the isles of Langerhans of the testis. It isn't the glands which directly produce sperm, rather they provide the molecules such as Androstenedione, and compounds belonging to cholesterols. therefore it is quite often misunderstood that blood has no sort of relation to testical glands, but research disproves that statement. Most choleterol and Androstenedione require huge amounts of minerals and nutrients to produce and blood cells are often no exception.There have been many electrical tests done on these isles where it has been concluded that much energy is lost during the sperm's dispersal. And it's also horrifying to know that it takes 100 days to make one sperm cell. The typical criticism against your statement would be that sperm is produced continuously, however that is not the case, since much energy (electromagnetic energy) of the body is used to make it, and is lost considerably when sperm are dispersed, i.e. when they are ejaculated out of the body. So if it took 3 days to make your sperm, after loss of energy it will take 6 days or more to make the same amount - And you would have to eat a lot more! And according to researchers, its not the quantity that matters; it's the quality. And quality can only be maintained if masturbation and sex are less frequent. And research also implies that celibates often are more joyful than people who have sex regularly and they have higher testosterone levels. This theory has been linked to testosterone being a vital ingredient in male strength, vitality, health, and intellect. Now more research is also underway to confirm the opinion that higher testosterone levels are linked to higher levels of happiness.

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Q: Is 1 drop of semen equal to 100 drops of blood?
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Is 1 milliliter equal to 1 drop?

No, one drop of blood is equivalent to 0.05 ml, then one milliliter of blood contains about 20 drops.

Is a drop of blood same size af a drop of water?

No it is not, a drop of blood is smaller than a drop of water but if you drop two drops of blood then that equals the right amount of water :)

Is wasting semen's causes harm to human body?

Yea, wasting semen's causes harm to human body. Because one drop of semen's is produced from 40 drops of blood. Therefore if any male do not waste semen's by way of lesser sexual activities, it will be reflected in his body outlook and overall health.

Is a drop of water equal to a milliliter?

5 pipette drops is equal to one milliliter... drops of water vary o-o

How many drops is equal to a tablespoon?

Depends on whether it's a metric drop, a medical drop, an imperial drop or a U.S. drop. If it's a U.S. drop, then 60 drops = 1 teaspoon.

How many drops are in one milliliter of water?

In pharmacy, 1 milliliter is equal to 15 drops. The abbreviation for "drop" is "gtt".

Does blood attract sharks?

Yes. Sharks are known to sense a drop of blood in a million drops of water.

What does the blood drop off in the lungs?

it drops off co2 (carbon dioxide)

How many cell particles are in one drop of blood?

Depends on the size of the drop. There is no definite answer for this question because blood drops come in different sizes. It also depends on the animal and the blood type.

U can get pregnant by one little drop of semen?

Can u get pregnant by one little drop of semen

How many of red blood cells in a drop of blood?

There are about 5 million red blood cells per ml of blood. There are about 20 drops of blood per ml, so there would be 5 x 106 /20 = 250,000 RBC/drop.

How many ml is 7 drops of bromine?

If the drop is considered equal to 0,05 mL the answer is 0,35 mL.

If you have 1 gtt what is that equal to in a teaspoon?

1 tsp is equal to 5ml. 1 gtt ( 1 drop) is equal to 0.05 ml....because 20 drops in 1 ml. so 5ml divided by 0.05= 100 gtt or drops. so I think 100 gtt or drops in 1 tsp.

When your penis is erected some liquid drop comes out its not the semen but liquid drops like when you have some sexual thoughts and your penis got erected and then drops come out suggest medecine?

You're fine. That's just called precum :)

What is the present tense of drop?

I/you/we/they drop. He/she/it drops.

How many drops equal 0.0001l?

The volume of drop will depend on the surface tension of the liquid and is, therefore, not a fixed size.

If a drop of blood has a volume of 0.05mL how many drops of blood are in an adult with 9 pints of blood?

That was my Carl Sagan impersonation. I won't do it again. And the answer won't even be close to a million. First, you must convert pints to milliliters. Then you must divide that figure by 0.05, because there is 0.05 mL per drop. That will give you how many drops. 1 US pint = 473.18 milliliters, so 9 US pints = 4,258.6 milliliters. Divide that by 0.05 to get 85,172 drops. I rounded tothe nearest drop.

1 ml equal to how many micro drops?

4 microdrops in 1 drop, 15 drops in 1ml, so 4x15=60 then 1 ml = 60 microdrops

How does changing the drop height effect the splatter of blood?

The diameter of the blood drops is larger because it has more momentum and the impact velocity is much higher

Can a drop of semen cause pregnancy?

Yes a drop of ejaculate can cause pregnancy.

What is the plural of drop?


How many drops of water in a pint?

In the world of science, there are 20 drops of water in a milliliter. If you consider a drop to be what comes out of, say, a pipette, the size of that drop may vary. So does the definition of a drop: see the discussion at link below. The most common usage for a "drop" would be the metric drop, which is .05 ml. The older English usage of minim is slightly larger than the metric drop, but that usage is archaic. A liter does equal ~2.11 pints, so there are 1000/2.1133764 ml in a pint, which = 473.17 ml per pint. At 20 drops per ml, that means that there are 9463.5 drops in a pint.

Can a little drop of semen get you pregnant?


What is the weight of one drop of water?

A drop of water weighs about 1/24 of a gram. This means it would take twenty four drops of water to equal a gram. This is .0417 grams.

Does 15 drops of eye drops pass your drug test?

yes an eye drop

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