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Is 36D too big for a 14-year-old girl?

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No it isn't. It is big but not too big. I am another 14 y.o. girl with 36d.

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Is a penis ever too big for a girl?

Yes, stick with men. In short, no. Vaginas were meant to have penises in them.....that is what nature intended. However, it depends from girl to girl as to how big may be "too big". Your best bet is to use lots of lube, go slow, and listen to your partner. If she's in pain, stop.

I am 13 and my penis is 10 inches long is that too big 4 a girl?

it depends on the girl but i would say maybe

How big does your penis have too be to get a girl pregnant?

In this case, size really doesn't matter.

Are girl skinny jeans supposed to sag?

no, not usually. if that does happen they are a little too big for her

Would girls do a guy in the butt?

i had a girl do me with a big black strap on before i loved it too...then i did her in the butt

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Is it ok do kiss a girl if you are 12?

I would say that's not too big of a deal.

Can sperm slip out of the condom if it is too big for you?

It is a possibility, yes. Also if it is to big for you it will slip off inside the girl. You definitely want to make sure that it fits you properly.

How big is a titan in warhammer?

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How large is too large of a penis?

Depends on the girl that you are making love to, i think. but most of my girl friends (myself included) think that 16-20 cm long and around 15 cm around is plenty enough. as long as it fits completely in her vagina, butt, and mouth, its ok. if its too big for that, its too big. this is from a guys point of view. i usually rock a 27 incher

How do you carry yourself to make a girl feel attracted to you?

With confidence. A girl likes to feel,she can rely on a man and be protected by him. Never be too over confident though this can make a girl really dislike you. A big smile helps!

Is a 12 inch penis big enough for a girl?

It might almost be too big! Be really gentle and soft when you first have sex. Your partner will need some time to get used to your size.

Are 26AAA breasts too small for an 18yr old girl?

A cups are considered small. But taking note of your age, it's not that big a deal too. Fact is, your breasts will continue to grow.

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I am 5'4 and i am a girl is size nine too big?

No, size 9 is not too big.Always Remember: Everyone is differentIt's a good motto to go by.mariahu r 2 tall 4 a size 9 try a size 10-12

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