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Q: Is 3 and 3g the same network?
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Is the iPhone capable of accessing a 3G network?

The iPhone 3G is capable of accessing a 3G network. Some of the older iPhones and the new iPhone 4 can not access a 3G network, however. There are many droid that have the same applications as the iPhone but that will hook up to the 3G network.

Is AT&T considered a 3G network?

AT&T is a network and they do have a 3G network. They are not considered a 100% 3G network because they have a lot of different options.

Can you use different network 3G sim in vodafone 3G?

No we can't use different network 3G sim in Vodafone 3G sim.

What network can you use on iPhone 3?

Either Edge (E) or 3G.

How large is BlackBerry's 3G network?

The Blackberry's 3G network is Worldwide. If using the 3 G network in some cities and towns that offers no roam service, call or contact wireless service provider.

How many kb itranfers over 3G network?

at a 3g network i get600+kbps

What is better, a 3g network or a 4g network?

A 4G network is better than 3G. 4G means the fourth generation of the technology, so it is newer than 3G.

What is 3 G for iPad?

3g is the cellular network tour iPad runs on.

GSM vs. 3G cell phones?

3G phones are enabled with the ability to connect to the 3G network. It is a high speed cellular network.

Do BB9B cell phone support 3G network?

no ,it only support gsm. not cdma not 3g network

Which was the first 3g network in the world?

The first 3G phone network in the world was NTT DoCoMo, which was launched in Japan.

Can you get a 3G network on your iPod Touch?

No, the 3G network is not available for your iPod Touch. It is only available for the iPhone and iPad.