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i am a sophomore in high school and i am 16 and i scored a 45 of the asvab and i am not exactly what people would call smart. I'm just about average for a high school-er. so i would say no, you didn't do so good on the asvab unless you are a high school-er like myself!

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No. That's barely gets you into the military...You need a 50 to get the military benefits...I got 71...But its the Line Scores that really counts...If you plan on enlisting (which is really the only thing the ASVAB is used for) then talk with your recruiter and ask what kind of career you could do...But that score will get you into the military...

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50 and higher are acceptable. 75 means you scored in the top 25% of your group. That score will allow you to get into many occupational specialties.

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25 is about as low as you can go if your trying to get into college. 80-99 is great! 45 Is ok.

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Q: Is 45 a good score on college placement test?
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Where are you suppose to take the English placement test and math placement test?

Placement tests are exams administered by colleges to newly admitted freshmen (or transfer students) to determine where in the curriculum each student needs to start at. Each college will have its own placement tests, if they are offered, and each test will be announced by that college. You would have to check with your college to see if, when, and where a placement test for English or math is being administered.

Where can you get help online with College math placement test?

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Is 1720 a good SAT score?

A score of 1720 on the SAT is considered average. It falls around the 50th percentile of test takers. Depending on the colleges you're applying to, it may be competitive for some institutions while below average for others.

Do they charge to take a placement test?

It depends on which type of placement test you are referring to. If you are referring to a college basic skills test, then there is no charge. This test is designed to identify any basic skills weaknesses. Students who score low on any portion of the test are required to take development courses to ensure success at the college level. The test typically measures competency in English composition and sentence sense, reading comprehension, math computation, to the equivalent of high school algebra I.

What is the accuplacer test?

The ACCUPLACER is the test that many take to get into other community colleges. It is a community college placement test.

How does an AP course differ from a dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is offered to students who are studying in high school, & have completed required courses. They can sign up for college classes taken at the college/online (at no cost to them) vs AP (advanced placement) which is a class offered at the high school, at the end of the course, the students can pay a fee to take a test, if they earn a high score, they will also have earned a college credit. If they do not pay the fee, they still have to take the test, however, if past they will not have earned college credit for it .

What does advanced placement mean?

Advanced Placement is a programme for high school students to earn university credits.

What does it take to be accepted in a college?

There are many factors that impact being accepted to college and differ based on the college being applied to. The basics are getting good grades, good test score and nice references.

What are things to do to get into to a great college?

good grades, good extra curriculars (especially a sport in the states) and if you have a standardized test for entry - score high in that.

What is a good score for an IQ test?

The average score on an IQ test is about 100. If you score higher than that, your score will be above average.

Is 520 a good score for the GED test?

yes it is a great score that means with a decent sat score you can go to a 4 year college congratulations