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When opting to buy a used Game Boy Advance sp system there are several factors you must consider. One good strategy for Game Boy Advance sp shopping is to consider the "MSRP" or the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. Obviously you never want to pay for an amount that will be substantially greater than the suggested retail price when NEW. In this case, the Game Boy Advance sp retails at most store locations for 75.00$ US brand new. often times when a system is taken off the market store shelves, it's price range can vary greatly depending on a number of reasons, the greatest of which being supply and demand. With the success of the Game Boy Advance sp commercially, we can determine that many many consumers the world over already own one. And when a system sells in large quantity, the factory must produce more of that system to keep up with demand. So in turn this means that there are going to be more Game Boy Advance sp units still in circulation today even if they are off the store shelves in your area. This will drive the price range on a Game Boy Advance sp down for quite a while, used or new. Some merchants determine supply and demand by quantity of specific Game Boy Advance sp unit colors. There might be 100 Pearl Pink Game Boy units for example in a merchant's stock while there would only be 20 Flame Red Game Boy units. So that respective merchant might require a higher price for his lower stock of Flame Red Game Boy units than he would for his larger stock of Pearl Pink units. The trick to pricing a Game Boy Advance sp used or new is to keep within range of the MSRP price tag of 75.00$. If your not too picky for unit colors you can hop around the Amazon or E-bay web sites for a good deal under 30.00$ for a used, in very good or like new conditioned, Game Boy Advance sp. Pay attention to the unit's description offered by the merchant too. 30 bucks for a sp unit that has large scratches or is missing components like it's AC adapter, may not be worth the price. Try and be sure to secure the unit with ALL of it's components which came bundled in it's original package up to and including it's retail box if you can. The idea is o get as much out of the deal for as little money as possible.

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Q: Is 50 dollars a reasonable price for a used Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP?
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The Game Boy Advance SP was released in 2003. You are thinking of Game & Watch. The price varies so greatly my advice is check eBay.

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If you reserve a game at the store Gamestop for 5 dollars do you have to pay full price still or is it full price -5 dollars?

If you put down $5 to reserve a game and the price of the game is $60 than the game would cost $55 + tax. When reserving a game it may include free add ons which is cool. Also when you reserve the game you must buy the game from the same Gamestop, it is store designated.

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You must have the Game Boy Advance Connecter Cable.

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The second hand Game Boy Advance is the Game Boy Advance SP. = =

Can you play Nintendo ds Game Boy Advance sp games on a Game Boy Advance?

Nintendo DS games are not playable on the Game Boy Advance. The Game Boy Advance is compatible with Game Boy Advance and original Game Boy cartridges. If you have a Nintendo DS, it will play Nintendo DS games or Game Boy Advance games. It is NOT compatible with the original Game Boy game cartridges.

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On the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Advance SP you can play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and, Game Boy Advance games.

How much money is a used Game Boy Advance SP?

£10 seems to be the going price at game stores that sell second hand consoles.

Can you playGame Boy advance game in Game Boy Advance SP?


How much can i sell my limited edition orange and green Game Boy Advance SP for?

30 dollars or less because retail ,used and new is around 31 dollars.