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Indeed, there are 8 oz. in one cup.

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Q: Is 8 oz is one cup?
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Related questions

How many fluid ounces in one third cup?

1 cup = 8 oz 1/3 cup = 8/3 oz

8 oz equals one cup?

That is correct, 8 oz is 1 cup.

Does one cup dry pasta equal 2 oz?

No. 1 cup = 8 oz, so one cup of dry pasta equals 8 oz.

8oz of flour equal?

8 oz equal to one cup? 8 oz equal to one cup?

How much is 8 oz of pasta?

8 oz. is equivalent to one cup.

Is there 8 oz in one cup?

yes 8 oz = 1 cup

1 cup equal how many oz?

1 cup equals to 8 oz.

How much is one fourth of one half cup?

1/8 of a cup or 2 oz 1 cup is 16 oz so 1/2 of a cup is 8 oz and 1/4 of 8 oz is 2 oz

How many oz is 8 cups?

one cup = 8 oz 8 cups = 64 oz

How many ounces in one cup butter?

1 cup is considered 8 oz. -So a cup of butter is 8 oz.

How many cups is 3 oz sugar?

8 oz is one cup, so 3/8 a cup, or a fourth a cup and an eighth a cup.

How many ounces in weight are in 1 cup?

It depends on what kind of stuff is in the cup. One cup of water weighs 8 oz. One cup of gasoline would weigh a little less than 8 oz. One cup of molasses would weigh a little more than 8 oz. One cup of sand would weigh quite a bit more than 8 oz.

How many cups in 5 oz of water?

There are 8 oz. of water in one cup.Therefore , there are 5/8 or .625 oz. of water in one cup.

What is 8 oz converted in to cups?

8 ounces IS one cup.

What is half of a cup and a half?

One cup is 8 oz. One and a half cups is 12 oz. Therefore, half of one and a half cups (12 oz.) is 6 oz., or 3/4 cup.

How many oz in a cup of carrots?

One cup (c.) always equals 8 ounces (oz.). It doesn't matter what is in the cup, one cup is still and will always be 8 ounces.

How many cups is 8 oz of white flour?

1 cup, because 8 oz. is a cup

How many ounces is in one third of a cup of water?

There are 8 oz. in one cup, so 1/3 of 8 = 2.66 oz.

How many oz equal to one cup?

8 oz

How many oz are in 14 of a cup?

1 cup is 8 oz, so one forth of a cup is 2oz.

Does 4oz equal a half cup?

yes 4 oz is half a cup as 8 oz is one cup.

When one cup is oz what is the cup?

Cups can be any size. The standard cooking cup measure is 8 oz.

How many cups are in a 8 oz bar of cheese?

One cup is 8 oz. -So one 8oz bar is 1 cup of cheese.

How many oz sugar in one cup?

Approximately 8 oz sugar in 1 cup.

How many cups is is 6 oz of butter?

6 oz is 3/4 cup. There are 8 oz in one cup.

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Does 8oz equal to 1 cup?

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